Friday, August 30, 2013

Vintage Bowles

I love vintage stuff. Just when they are forgotten Hamish Bowles finds them and their place in fashion. Amazing video!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love... and THE issues

Considering the fact that i watch a lot of TV and reality shows, and the fact that i know tons of people i’m constantly being exposed to love issues. I don’t often write articles, in 99% of cases i write and post about fashion but today i have a huge wave of an inspiration and an urge to write about love, and the problems that it brings with itself.
After years of other people boring me with their problems in love i finally got the big picture, the main problem.  Those are not the argues, misunderstandings, lack of love, financial problems… in the very same end it’s about happiness and self-honesty that are missing.
Let me explain…
I will give you two examples.

a)Imagine you are a girl that likes to party and that simply cannot settle down, and all of a sudden you stop being that girl, and you fall in love with the male version of previous you. In the beginning you were just friends, than you became friends with sympathies, than friends with benefits, and after that the shit happened, emotions got involved. All of a sudden you want him all for you, you  cannot stand seeing him with someone else, but he isn’t ready for that yet. After that,  you ‘delete’  him from your life,  but after some time you realize you can’t lose him completely,  you can’t be friends with him, and he isn’t ready to go a step forward. What do you do? Pretend to be okay with the fact that your just friends, or with the fact that he’s seeing other girls? Should you wait for him to take courage? Do you lie to yourself and play his friend by giving him advises how to win others while you’re dying inside?

b)You are a rich girl from powerful family, but you fall in love with the average, bad boy. At the very beginning of that romance-novel drama you realize that your possibilities and aspects of life are very different. At the first you’re okay with the fact that he cannot afford you the luxuries such as eating croissants in the coffee place next to the Louis Vuitton Maison, or taking you to the romantic weekends or expensive restaurants, or gift you with highly expensive  presents for which you are used to.. Maybe that is okay with you, but i still believe that he won’t be okay with it. However, it’s not the problem that he isn’t happy with it, the problem is that he will start trying changing you, your personality and your dreams for his sake. When you walk down the street wearing your suede leather Manolo Blahnik’s, a satin de la Renta dress, a beautiful Dolce&Gabbana coat, a cashmire foulard, a birkin bag, appropriate accessories such as the Cartier watch, Erickson Beamon necklace,  Chopard earrings, and a vintage hand-made ring that has been worn by your grandma in the early 70s. And then you see him dolled up for 200 bucks. Everyone would feel a bit irrelevant next to that girl. Do you leave your Manolos for him and his happiness, or you stay loyal to them and to yourself and lose him? If he loves you, why does he want you to change?  This might seem funny, that people break up because of a shoe. It’s not the shoe that matters, that shoe  shows him and the world  that you’re a class above him, and by that you hurt his ego. And when the ego is hurt… problems  starts. (This example isn’t made from movies, i know people who had/have this kind of problem)
At this very same moment, while i’m writing this I realize that many people will think, what does he know, he’s a guy, he hasn’t experienced enough…
Maybe that’s truth, in theory everything is easy, but in practice it’s way more different than that.

I have asked you many questions now, which haven’t been answered. Let me solve that with another question.
Every time you get to that point when you start feeling unhappy in a relationship ask yourself this: Would you rather be stupid and happy, or honest to yourself and unhappy?

Remember two things: 1st: Only the truly lucky ones have that combination of being true to themselves and happy! 
2nd: Don't lie to yourself, because you can't lie forever, eventually you'll snap and finish everything in a bad way.


Love you all very much,

Author: fashionAlist (Nemania L.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

'2jours' Fendi bag

I love this bag from Fendi house. It is named '2jours' and it looks amazing. Made of calf hair, designed so that you can wear your basics, and the sides can be expanded.
Great bag, easy to style with, useful.. Simply fantastic.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mademoiselle Carine Roitfeld

OMG!OMG!OMG! You have to see this trailer of Mademoiselle C movie. It's a documentary made by Fabien Constant featuring the fabulous, behind-the-scenes life of legendary Mademoiselle Carine Roitfeld.
I don't about you, but i'm dying too see this movie

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Daria Werbowy on Vogue UK September's issue

Daria Werbowy is the one that covers the legendary September issue of British Vogue's cover, which is a bit strange and unexpected considering the fact that she has already been on a cover of August issue of Vogue Paris. However, i don't suspect this issue is phenomenal as every other, i mean Vogue is a bible, a sacred book. Interesting fact is that Cara Delevigne and Miranda Kerr has also been photographed in this issue, so you cannot miss it.She is photographed by Patrick Demarchelier in Balenciaga jacket, Stella McCartney knit sweater and her own jewelry. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Undisclosed event by Alexander Wang

Hi guys,
I haven't been here for a 10 days or more. I have been relaxing, spending these gorgeous non-working days on the coast of Adriatic sea. But, here is time to get back to work.
I bring you this amazing video which represents my dream video-taped. 
Just watch it, and you will die too.