Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring's MUST HAVE - Headband

Hello everybody. Spring is almost here and be sure that you are fashionably prepared for it. You need lots of patterns, easy-light tops and skirts, loads of colors and a pinch of a creativity.
I am here today to talk about Spring accessories. Besides the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on, this years MUST HAVE accessory is definitely a nice headband. 
You can put on a simple white or vibrant color dress, along with some strappy shoes, according bag and just add to not look boring rocking headband.
Here today i have selected two for you. As always i bring you high-cost and low-cost version.
First one is from Jennifer Behr jewelry costing 450e, and the second one is from Zara costing 20e. Both are so chic. First one is a bit more high fashion, and i recommend wearing white with it. And the second one is more casual, for day time. I strongly recommend some playful floral dress to wear with it.

So, when you go shopping, be brave, try out some crazy hairband. Be playful and get noticed,

Until next post i love you and stay fashion forward!

 Jennifer Behr


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 - the last day 9

Here it is, day 9 and the end of the Paris Fashion Week. Hmm..feeling sad. But i'll get over it.
So, as the end of the fabulous Fall 2015 season we have Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Moncler Gamme Rouge.
I love all three, they are all incredible but way different one from another.
For example, Louis Vuitton collection is very feminine, chic, lots of different fabrics, it's stylish and it looks very expensive. But it's simple and down to earth. And that is good.
On the other hand we have the amazing Miu Miu collection, which is a true representative of an Italian style. Loads of colors, patterns,'s complex but very cohesive with perfectly stylished runway looks.
And as the last but not the least, we have Moncler Gamme Rouge. It is nicely refined collection, with some sporty elements like the horse riding cap. I don't really know what to think about it. When i think of Paris, i think of it as a heart of fashion world full of glamour and style. I want to see unexpected, stylish and something new. I know that this label mostly does sports clothing, but however for me it's not enough.

So, this is the end. Next seasons are Summer Haute Couture in July, Resort in August, and Spring/Summer in September.
Until then expect my street looks, interesting clothing choices, and a lot of fashion news and trends.

Love you all!!

Nemania Lalatovich

Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Moncler Gamme Rouge

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2015

As for the last show of the day 8 at Paris Fashion Week we have Alexander Mcqueen.
I am a serious lover of Sarah Burton's work. He is a real successor of a deceased legend.

She is rocking pure artistic designs, this is insanely crafted, designed. And the fabrics are amazing, leather, lace, teal..all!!  This is so incredible, this is SOO ME!
I will post you my fave looks, which are so far in my top 15 looks from this Paris Fashion Week.


Chanel Fall 2015

I think it's a nonsense to talk about Lagerfeld's work at Chanel.
I mean his collections speak for itself. I love this collection is so amazing, but except for obvious i love it because it's a little bit different than the previous few. There's a lot of tweed as always, but as i am notice there is also a LOT of serious embroideries. And i mean, it's insane, it's pure art.
It is also amazing for the stylist's view how incredible he plays with colors(look at the men's outfit).

In conclusion, he is a legend.

Valentino Garavani Fall 2015

Paris Fashion Week - Day 8

Here's the Valentino leaving me speechless again. Nothing to add, see for yourself.
As always, i've selected my fave looks.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 - Vol. 3

 Giambattista Valli, Sacai, Sonia Rykiel

              Saint Laurent(both looks)

Day 7 is over at Paris Fashion Week, there's only 2 more to go. It makes me so sad because it's over, and so excited to see what have other marvelous designers like for example Karl Lagerfeld prepared for us.
However, there will be plenty time to cheer and grief, for now let me talk about the exciting day behind us. As you know i choose my fave looks and post them, and here they are. 
First look is this beautiful patterned/floral ankle long dress from Giambattista Valli. I love it, From the stylist's point of view it's perfect, so funny to combine and play with. And the fabric of the dress is amazing.
Second look i pointed out because i am in love with this skirt. The fabric and the design itself are perfect but the thing i love the most is the way it moves when the model's walking. Perfect!
Third look comes from Sonia Rykiel, and there isn't a specific piece of clothes in it that i fell in love with. I love the entire look, square patterned pants, tight stripy turtle-neck and the colorful fur vest go perfectly together. Bravo.

When we're done with these 3 looks, we may go down to the last two, both are from Saint Laurent. This entire collection is beyond amazing, i couldn't just decide for one, so i went for two.
I love everything about these two looks. They are ultra chic, stylishly perfect. I love the blazers, first one is a bit more manly which makes it even better( i hate classic women's blazer), and a little broach really fulfills the look. Second one is also amazing, i love the fact that the lapel is made of varnished shiny leather which brings the glamour to it. 

Style advice: When bying a blazer don't go for the classical one, 'cause there are so many different and funnier options, and BE SURE to buy a longer one like in the pictures because as you may see they are TRENDING right now.

Nemania Lalatovich

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 - Vol. 2

 Haider Ackermann, Acne, Emanuel Ungaro

So, today is the time day 6 of Paris Fashion Week is over and i have some favorite looks going on. There are 6 looks from 6 different designers.
I've separated them in two collages because of the 2 trend they pursue. First picture represent the trend which emphasizes the waist. The spotlight is on the waist, either you can see a beautiful coat-dress which is tailored in that way like in Haider Ackermann's collection, or an amazing coat which clearly shows wide shoulders and tiny waist or in this look by Emanuel Ungaro in which you have an incredible patterned long coat with a simple black belt(rope) that is tightened and waist-fancier. 

Kenzo, John Galliano, Chloe

This second collage isn't rocking any specific trend, it's just made so it shows of  pieces of clothes by which i was completely blown away.
This outstanding bordeaux-cherry rope structured jacket, or floor long violet fluffy coat, or this amazing light grey cloak, seriously everyone of these 3 pieces took my breath away.
I mean, I am completely speechless..

There is one conclusion- this season both previous and the ones to come a good coat is EVERYTHING! It's all about it. It became the number 1 trend for the Fall, everywhere you go, you'll see it,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Balmain Fall 2015

Hmm, so i am literally dying over this collection. This kind of beauty kills me. The collection is ultra chic, many colors, fabrics, styles inside. You can see silk, satin, fringes, stripes, diverse color match. All in all, this is one truly amazing collection and what i love the most about it is that it breathes Parisian. LOVE LOVE LOVE, Olivier Rousteing outdid himself this time. Big Bravo!!
I have selected my favorite three looks which totally speak of me. If anybody ask me what's your style, what's your view of fashion i would show them these three looks and say here it is!


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 - Favorite looks Vol.1

Carven, Dior(last three)

 Dries van Noten, Isabel Marant, Lanvin(last two)

Rochas, Roland Mouret, Undercover, Balenciaga