Friday, December 30, 2011

Dsquared 2 Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Looks)

This Dsquared 2 collection has left me speechless. They have combined wide range of styles, retro, rock, elegant. And everyone is amazing.  They have used the colors, they have combined them, that's what i love the most. Every piece is amazing, and every outfit is amazing. They have put every piece of clothes like it should be.


J.Mendel Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Looks)

I love this collection. All the peices are amazing, together or separate, they are adorable. THe waist-coat in the first picture is fascinating. Whole outfit is simply adorable. Then this dress is like from a fairy tale, the shape and color are one word: FABULOUS!


Emporio Armani Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Look)

From this Emporio Armani collection i have only selected this look, because it's the only one i love. Things separately are good, but the way the outfits are awful, this one is amazing. The coat with these details on the end is amazing, also this dress is fabulous to, and these two pieces go very nicely together.


Girogio Armani Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Looks)

I simply adore this collection. First dress is so amazing, it is very feminine, the shape, and pattern is fabulous, i recommend you to wear it with the same stockings as on this picture. Second outfit is adorable to, it is great for daily walk through town. It's very stylish, also with this outfit oversized sunglasses are mandatory.


Herve Leger Pre-Fall 2012(Favorite Looks)

First of all, good night! I am fond of this collection, i love the first dress mainly because of the upper part, then i love it because it is tight and a girl can express hers attributes, and she won't look like her because of the length of the dress. I love the shoes choice they have made for this dress. Second dress is just amazing, i love the length, the cut, the shape, the zircons on the chest part. Every girl would feel modern, gracious and feminine in it.


Loafers- cannot live without 'em.

I have to say that i adore these loafers, i love them because this LV sign  is very discreet, it's not a presenter of a shoe. I love this python suede leather. Generally i adore loafers, they can be combined with almost anything. But i would wear  cream shorts,  t-shirt, a long effective necklace, a blazer and a LV bag with a scarf tightened up to the bag holder. xx

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fabulous night get away!

I have created this look for  those who want to look like they went out from the magazine page two minutes ago. This outfit can be worn during day and night, but i recommend you to wear it during night, because all the fabrics and colors and embroideries are more made for night going out. But when i say night going out i think of restaurants, romantic dinners, and so on, i don't think of clubs and night life. This toilet is made of Sass&Bide embroidered silk-blend jacket, Lanvin green tweed skirt, Yummie Tummie top, Chloe leather wedges, crystal and silver chain DAY Birger et Mikkelsen necklace, and Christian Louboutin cris studded leopard-print clutch. I hope that this will be useful for you even once. When you want to look modern and fabulous just listen to my advice, trust me i won't disappoint you. If u go wrong with this, i return money. LOL just joking, i have seen a commercial with this sentence so it won't go out from my head  soon. xx

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A bit of artistic photos for today! xx

I am sure that you all do know my dear dear friend Linus Von Rosenauer. I have posted this pics just for u too see how a male person can be million times bigger diva than a female. Pay attention to his fabulous hair, and his seducing lips. I think that he should follow Andrej Pejic's steps. I have to say this one more time, it is just unbelievable how he transforms in front of camera. It's like he popped out of a vagina along with his favorite friend camera. xx

Everyone needs a relief from time too time. In my case it's shopping spree!

Bojour a tous! Today was a shopping day! After what has happened to me yesterday i had to repair myself with some new piece of clothes. I have walking through town, i have been in every single store, not because i couldn't find anything for me, i was doing that just because i had a time to spare and because my middle name is shopping. And this is what i have bought. Guess sleeveless sweater, i have bought it 'cause i can combine it with one fabulous blocky shirt, one special pants which i can't describe and one pair of amazing beige slash brown slash cream color boots. Post a comment and tell me what u have bought these days. Now i am laying in my bed, exhausted, writing on my blog. xx

Mario Testino- A mother of photography!

Testino has shot fashion stories for Vogue, Gucci, and Vanity fair. Celebrity subjects have most famously included Diana, Princess of Whales and her sons. Other subjects have included many actresses such as Kim Basinger, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz,Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Meg Rayan, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, models such as Tyra Banks , Gisele Bundchen, Elizabeth Hurley, and Kate Moss, performers such as Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kristen Stewrt, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga, and public figures like Baroness Thatcher. Living in London, he continues to photograph the British Royal Family as well as contributing to the image development of Burberry, Gucci, Zara, Michael Kors, Dolce&Gabbana, Estee Lauder,Versace, and Valentino. Testino is currently represented exclusively by Art Partner. He and fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld are credited for drawing significant attention to the house of Gucci through provocative ad campaigns in the mid-1990s, which, along with Tom Ford's designs, eventually led to the revival of Gucci as a major fashion house.  In December 2010, Testino took the engagement photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cursed sweater!! Why does it happen to me?

Well, i have a story to tell. I  have been wandering around  searching for turtleneck sweater. So, yesterday i have checked every single store in town, and i haven't found it, until at one moment i've remembered that i can go to Zara, because they always have a stuff like this. And i have,, i went there desperately praying for them to have the fucking piece of clothes that i want. So i have entered the store, and i have started searching and searching through those piles of clothes. And voila i found it. And everything was great, i was incredibly happy about it and so on. I have tried it on, it suits me perfectly. And then..
I went to cashier to pay the sweater, and i have reached for my wallet, and do u know what i have found...NOTHING! I have searched down every single inch of my baag, pockets and so on, but nothing. I have realized that i have lost it. ANd then i remembered that not only money was in ther, ID card was there either. So, as any normal person i have started to panic, maybe a bit to much, but anyway, in the end of a day i have stayed without my wallet, without my sweater, without my ID card. And if you r wondering how the sweater looks like, here you go! It is not worth all of this, but anyway it would go great with my Louis Vuitton suede ankle boots.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elegance all around me. Love it!

I simply adore this outfit, not because it's made by me, i love it because it reminds on that time when people use to wear elegant skirts and flat shoes, and good piece of bag. This toilet is made of  lace Moschino dress, Stella McCartney circled glasses, leopard-print calf hair Alexander Mcqueen loafers, cream leather  Chloe bag, and amazing engraved 22-karat gold Aurora Lopez Mejia necklace. I have dedicated this outfit for persons who are still loyal to fashion elegance.

Down the street walking outfit. xx

Greetings from me to u all. I have some time to spare, so i have made this outfit for u fashion followers. I have made this outfit for glamorous town-street walking with your friends. This outfit is consisted of Rick Owens leather jacket, Cotton-lace Valentino top, Aurelie Bidermann necklace, black and white floral designed Gucci pants, black leather Givenchy sandals, and this fabulous blue Jimmy Choo clutch. I hope that this will serve you in your fashion future. So, next time you go with your friend, play with fashion a bit, everyday try harder and harder to go forward with your style, because there is nothing more satisfying than when you look glamorous.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from faboulous ADR. xx

HELLO! This is how Anna Dello Russo wishes u Christmas. I love how she is dressed her, so chic, entertaining, and modern. But the most important she is in holiday spirit.I adore what she did with her hair, it looks so girly. All in all, i love ADR and every single piece of clothes she is wearing like an elegant and classy lady, even though sometimes she wears see through clothes, even in that she looks like a fashion. I support her in everything, some people say she is extravagant, she is this, she is that, what is fashion, than expressing your inner self.

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Looks)

I like this collection, because they have used a bit unusual patterns and materials. I love how they have combined this turtleneck sweater with these  combined shade of green and black skirt. I would add accessories something like effective bracelets(accessories in first outfit must exist, otherwise it looks empty and incomplete), and when we are talking about second outfit i wouldn't change anything about it, i think it is perfect, and that nothing should be changed.xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pina- just another shape of fashion?

"Pina" is a film about the famous German choreographer Pina Bausch and dancer. This feature-length film about dance reflects its unique and exciting art. Inviting viewers to sensual, visually stunning journey into the exciting world of dance, the right to stage the legendary ensemble, the film follows dancers and outside theaters in and around industrial Vupertala, of which over 35 years was home and creative center of Pine Bausch life. I love this movie. it is very inspirational, i have posted it 'cause i found my inspiration for fashion i movies, dance, music and so on. I think that all these mentioned things are strongly attached one to another. As like through fashion, we can express through opera, music, art, dance our inner selves. All of these branches are a way for us to say to the world who we are and what we stand up for. If you ask my i would like to see a movie where actors are dancing in all haute couture clothes. xx

Is she amazing or what? xx

Bonsoir a tous! This is a really popular singer from Belgrade, Serbia. I have posted her pictures, 'cause i love her style. I think it's really amazing. There are a few reasons because i love her style. One of them is: I love how she combines cheap things with expensive once, than i love how she look in the same time elegant, hot, fashionable, and graceful. In the first picture you have her walking around in her Fendi heels, i love that outfit, because she has combined this deep black satin shorts with this beige t-shirt which has this black rose detail on it. Also i think that she has made right choice with this bag, because it fills in this toilet, and any other kind would be totally wrong. So let's go to the other outfit, khmm what should i say. I think it is adorable, she looks so dashing, in the same time she has expressed her attributes and she looks very fashionable and elegant. I love the way she has put this pieces. This is a Marc Jacobs fur coat, and Christian Louboutin pigalle shoes.

Grace all around! x

This is a British Vogue January  2012 issue. I love this cover, 'cause i love the person on it. Nobody else than Florence Welch is on it. And she is wearing blue silk Chloe dress. I generally love British vogue covers because they reflect with elegance. I can honestly say that they have continued their legacy of grace. xx

Source(pictures): British Vogue

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Erdem Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite Looks)

I have selected this look, 'cause i think this dress is totally adorable. I love the way in which they have combined all these patterns. It looks really amazing, everything is in its place. I love the most the way how the whole dress goes brighter looking from bottom to the top. And they have really nicely combined low heel pumps with this dress, i would only add some earrings to this outfit. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Missoni Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

I am pleasantly surprised by this collection. I think the clothes is fantastic, the pattern, the shape,, the colors are just fantastic. I love the way they have put them together. There is one thing i would change, that are the shoes. I honestly think that they are terrible. It is really strange clothes is amazing but shoes are awful. I don't know what to say else, just when i think everything through i am very satisfied with this collection. That much from me. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jesus Linus! xx

Good morning to you all. Here are more shots of my dear friend Linus. They are so fantastic, i adore the artistic side of them. And i love his style, very feminine. I think that the best profession for him would a female model. He is born to pose in front of camera, and base on his pics i can see that a big of an artist lays in him.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun! xx

Bonsoir! I have made one more outfit for u people. We have here this Haute Hippie blazer, The Row top, Oscar de la Renta 24 karat-gold necklace, Jil Stuart Black  leather wedges,  Rag&Bone bart brushed-leather shorts, and Alexandre Mcqueen De manta leather tote. I adore this outfit, because it is very very modern and very girly, all the pieces are amazing. The piece i love the most is this necklace, it can be worn in any chance. This is a perfect toilet for girls night out.
P.S. i have an advice for all of you, it doesn't matter if you are going just for coffee with your friends, or a dinner,  or a party, you should always look amazing. Every time you go out is an opportunity for fashion. xx

Friday, December 16, 2011

One of my looks! C'est fantastique. xx

This is what i wanted to post whole day, and i am so excited. This is one of my looks, designed by me. I have put these amazing pieces in a bit unusual but in a way it looks the best for me. Here you have D&G wedges, unique(one of a kind) Moschino skirt and short sleeve blazer with this embellishment on shoulders. I broke it up with this amazing Balenciaga bordeaux- red python leather belt, and i have also added this amazing Gucci clutch!  It is stylish, elegant and haute couture. I love it!
P.S. This isn't me, this is my friend!