Friday, December 23, 2011

Pina- just another shape of fashion?

"Pina" is a film about the famous German choreographer Pina Bausch and dancer. This feature-length film about dance reflects its unique and exciting art. Inviting viewers to sensual, visually stunning journey into the exciting world of dance, the right to stage the legendary ensemble, the film follows dancers and outside theaters in and around industrial Vupertala, of which over 35 years was home and creative center of Pine Bausch life. I love this movie. it is very inspirational, i have posted it 'cause i found my inspiration for fashion i movies, dance, music and so on. I think that all these mentioned things are strongly attached one to another. As like through fashion, we can express through opera, music, art, dance our inner selves. All of these branches are a way for us to say to the world who we are and what we stand up for. If you ask my i would like to see a movie where actors are dancing in all haute couture clothes. xx

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