Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Walking out in rock style

Hello everyone! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas i wish u all!! Haven't been there for a week, sorry too many obligations and lots of stuff to do. But well, here i am now. Had a auick snap of my outfit, walking out from one o my fave restaurants in Belgrade. This something like mixing cheap and expensive, causal rock outfit. I didn't want to wear a simple leather jacket so i broke the simplicity with this vintage silk-cashmire foulard.

Love you all,
Soon new posts about Pre-Fall 2015 collections. Expecting Fall and Haute couture ones, so excited!!


Monday, December 8, 2014

'Reincarnation' by Karl Lagerfeld

The marvelous 'Reincarnation' movie from Chanel by non other than Karl Lagerfeld. Starring Cara Delevingne, Pharell Williams and Géraldine Chaplin. Very interesting 7 minute movie, once again shows the legendary Coco Chanel, but only these time the spotlight isn't only on her but also on the fashion of the time she lived in. Look for yourself, i'm sure you'll love it.

Pre-Fall 2015 collections Vol.1

So, there are like 20 collections so far from Pre-Fall 2015 collection. I have selected my favorites, i've marked which looks belong to which designer. I have to notice few things and it is that i can see that almost every designer has created wide long pants(touching the floor), they made their comeback and i love it. Other than that oversized coats, foulards, layered outfits, ankle boots, tweed jackets, velvet pieces, suits and so on are still in and still very much in trend.
By now my top 3 are Burberry, Chanel and Fendi.
Fendi has done like an entire collection in one direction which i adore huge coats, a lot of colors and rocking boots.

 Burberry(first two), Chanel(last two)


 Chloé, Jason Wu(middle two), Maiyet

Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Narciso Rodriguez, Michael Kors

Victoria's Secret 2014

A little bit from Victoria's Secret magic. I totally love it, i love the fact that they had many different looks from variety of colors to straight black. And the angels are fabulous as always. Love Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and of coures the angels who are there for the longest and who are wearing fantasy bras this year - Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.
And this year's performer's choice is quite nice indeed - Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alison Lou 'Emojis love'

First of all, i want to say that i'm so sorry for not posting for a week or so. There has been so much going on in my life and i just simply had no time to think and have a level of quality to maintain. I didn't want to put some crap just out of the order.
So, when we are done with that i want to say that my current obsession are these bracelets from Alison Lou, and not only that i love the model called 'cuff bracelet'. When it comes to these beauties they are made of 14-karat gold. The interesting fact is that the designer adores emojis so she put them on these bracelets(very witty). This type of bracelet is trending for seasons, actually for ages and it never comes out of style. Many jewelry labels have it too like Hermes, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, and so on. But the named houses are expensive, but as i say beauty comes with the price. But you can find similar pieces also very nice in stores like Zara, Foverer 21, Accessorize and so on.

I hope you like this post, if you do don't forget it next time you go shopping.
In 2 or 3 days new post with very cool outfit.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'From London with Love'

I still can't get over myself with this Burberry ad campaign. Since its release  i keeping replaying it, i love it. And little Romeo looks incredible, such a sweet and beautiful boy. He really goes after his dad's footsteps.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sergio Rossi meets H&M

So, i haven't been here for a few days, but i am now. I went shopping a few days ago with my friend to choose some clothes for her, and i spotted this beautiful coat from H&M. It is amazing, this coat is a perfect example how you can feel comfortable and warm in the cold days but still chic and stylish. I love the length, long over-sized coats are definitely trending for a few seasons now. Also i love the pattern, it's so Gucci. And it costs 150e. Then we have these beautiful babies Sergio Rossi stilettos, which are bought in Italy, price is around 600 euros. Beautiful example of mixing cheap and expensive, and i love it because of the variety of colors.

These were my top 2 pieces for these days. Try to not be boring in this time of a year when you have so many options. 

fashionAlist(Nemania Lalatovich)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall accessories - Hats, caps, turbans..

Autumn is here, and winter is near. Be careful, cold weather is right upon us. And don't let it hit you unprepared. I know that many people when winter comes don't dress up, they don't take such a big care about their body, they don't practice, in all they don't give a damn. And when it comes to fashion they go away with i want it comfy and warm. I say NO! Fall/Winter is the best time of a year for dressing, layered outfits, luxurious fabrics, variety of colors and clothes from foulards to hats. This pieces is about hats, caps, turbans, in all everything you can put on your head.
I've chose 4 different pieces i love, which can be adequate for many situations. First a black knitted hat with embellishment on front, than two simple luxury hats with trendy colors and for the end this black satin with little lace veil turban to die for. 
This is just a little sparkle of what you can do, be creative and playful don't surrender to bad weather, go against it, but always with style.

Love yaaa,
fashionAlist(Nemania Lalatovich) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Men MUST HAVE for this Autumn season?

So, my darlings this time i am doing a bit of Men's Fashion. I think they need it more than girls because men are usually so indecisive about their clothes when autumn comes. But they should know that Autumn outfits are the best. Coats, shirts, hats, foulards, the shoes for autumn are the best.. Not only that but i also love the fabrics that are used for the season..Hmm for me when i feel soft cashmere foulard on my skin i get the positive vibe through my entire body.

However, here i have a few pieces that you MUST have for this Autumn. First thing you absolutely need is a great coat. You should be very picky and very decisive when buying coat because there are million types of coats. Different lengths, tailors, buttonings, collars, colors, everything.

Also when you wanna be elegant, necessary thing is an adequate pocket square, i recommend the ones with patterns or stripes or dots, but actually if you can pull it off you can use the one you want..

Then, the shirts..Shirt is like a dress. Dress is a basic piece of clothes in women's clothes, like shirt is a basic thing in every guy's closet. When buying shirts use sharp, well tailored shirts but also trendy because it says a lot about you..

And then the last but not the least are sunglasses. A perfect accessory, that finishing touch to a perfect outfit is a good pair of sunglasses. It makes you look dandy and modern in the same time..

SO times are rare when i decide to write about Men's fashion but this time i had an urge to do so, because women really know how to cope with more complex outfits than men.

I love you all,

P.S. In a few days i am doing a piece on female trendy accessories, so be prepared..xx

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chanel S/S 2015

Chanel S/S 2015 collection. No words needed. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Feel the magic.
I just have to say that i am happy to be born in this era with no rules in fashion, where everything is allowed.
Designer like Lagerfeld is just a legend and here is a proof to it.

Chanel favorite look

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 collections

So, here i go again from Paris Fashion Week. But for this season it's the last. A few hours ago the week has ended with Hermes. Here i bring you my personal favorite looks. I didn't want to go overboard with pictures so i went with really the top 8 ones.

Collage 1: 4 looks, first one is from Celiné. i Totally love it. This skirt knocked me out of my socks so i just had to post it. Also i love the entire collection. They went simple with colors but they did an amazing designs, and they went crazy with details. Second look is from Chloé, i love this dress, design they did is amazing, it is revealing but in a sexy stylish way. I love that it's white and i love strappy shoes, they went perfect with it. Entire collection is in that girly modern direction and i love it. The last two looks are from Givenchy. The shoes are perfect, the clothes are perfect. Designs are clean and sharp, very innovative, they used a lot of leather and darker colors. I love the entire collection, and not only that i love the way they have styled it.

Collage 2: First we go with Emanuel Ungaro. They did dresses, a lot of them but this is the one that popped out for me. It is very sexy and the fabric is fabulous along with the buttoning. It is a dress that really flatters woman's body. Second is Giambattista Valli, the collection is pretty colorful but this look is different. I don't know for you but this skirt really does it for me. It's so couture, it's insane. I know it looks uncomfortable, but it is so easy to make a great outfit out of it, this skirt is made for stylist to make magic with it. Next is Alexander McQueen, it's a very small collection of 34 looks. For me it's not the same without him anymore, but this is really great indeed. This look is amazing, details are fantastic, and fabrics too. The thing about Mcqueen label is that his clothes are really couture, really hard to make, something like putting all of your time in it. And it's hard to keep up with that. And the last but not the least is Sonia Rykel, she used a lot of dreadful pale colors, but she still pulled it off, the skirt and the entire look is insane. Very bloggerish.

So, dear mines this would be it from this season's Paris Fashion Week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. 
Now we wait for Couture and Resort collections.

New posts about personal style, street looks, fashion news will be floating.

I love you all!
Nemania Lalatovich

 Céline, Chloé, Givenchy(last two)

Emanuel Ungaro, Giambattista Valli, Alexander Mcqueen, Sonia Rykel

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior S/S 2015 - BAGS

Oh my God, i am in love with Dior S/S 2015 collection. They did that old Paris chic look and i love it. Flattering skirts, knee-high boots, knitted can see it all in. Also there is one piece plaited blazer-coat with aside black buttons. I'd kill for it.
But my favorite from Dior are the bags! I mean this is so chic and fabulous it's insane. At first it reminded me of Chanel for a second, but when i took a closer look it took my breath away. The embellishments on the bags are sick!
This is just a spark from #PFW and just wait there is so much more to it.


Paris Fashion Week LIVE STREAM

Live from Paris Fashion Week. If you can't be there doesn't mean that you cannot see the collections at the very same moment they are in.
First there is Céline which is 25 minutes late. So grab your laptops and wait, 'cause it's matter of minutes live stream will start.

Once again, enjoy!
Kisses xx

September 28th, 1:00PM
Click HERE 

 September 28th, 4:00PM
Click HERE

 Septmeber 28th, 5:00PM
Click HERE

September 28th, 8:00PM
Click HERE

Monday, September 22, 2014

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

Reporting from Milan Fashion Week. It is already over and i feel like it passed in a second. 
However, here we go. First i wanna say this time i did things a little bit differently, when it comes to this post i haven't been posting picture by picture like in previous posts about NYFW and LFW. I've made collages, i think it's much easier to see everything and i fitted 24 looks in 6 pictures.

Now when i've said that i can write a review and share my thoughts about Milan Fashion Week.

First of all, i have to say that i am completely blown away with these collections. I also think that Italian designers have a little bigger edge than the ones in NY and London. I love that they use so many vibrant colors and different patterns.

Let me start with collage number 1: First two looks are Blumarine. I've chosen these two looks because they are totally different but so chic. First we have this black and white dress which is amazing because when you look at the upper part it looks simple like an oversized shit, but the stitched black details really give that something. And the second piece is absolutely amazing not because it's see through, than because of the colors and the stitched flowers. Dolce&Gabbana is next, they are amazing as always, only this time they've put an emphasis on small waist and bustiers.

Collage 2: Colorful maxi dress from Pucci is so springish, so flattering, the other dress from Pucci is with flowers also colorful, but it has more of a serious design, when it comes to the ending on cleavage. Alberta Ferretti did elegant and a soft kind of a collection. And then we have Etro which is so lovely to me and so different because it has so much of an Indians influence.

Collage 3: This is my favorite collage 'cause you have everything in it. There are prints, feathers, expensive materials like silk, colorful details, see through parts, embroideries, embellishments, i said everything. The Fausto Puglisi jacket is to die for..

Collage 4: Gucci collection looks very expensive, not only they used expensive materials like fur and silk, but their designs are so clean and edgy and they have nurtured this 'stylish expensive Italian woman' look for ages now and i love it. Than we have Marco de Vicenzo's vest-dress with tassels kinda piece which  is so out of charts. I died over it. It's very bloggerish and very modern. Max Mara did suits, and this look i favorite the most, it is completed. Love the stripes on a blazer n pants, and the pattern on the hat and the foulard look really good together.

Collage 5: I love and i don't love the fact that Missoni didn't really go from their comfort zone, but j'adore this dress. It's really nice. Moschino is also similar to their previous collections but i still died over this crop top and skirt. I love how they pulled off these shades of orange and blue. Than No. 21 did it amaziiing! I love the silk shoes, see through skirts, clean and sharp shirts, and this black&red plaid top with silvery black embellishments over that pattern is an outstanding combination!

Collage 6: Stella Jean is amazing, but what i died over is the outfit they pulled out together. Plaid skirt with soccer t-shirt and black&white shoes is so innovative and so me. Three fashion moguls for the end Prada, Cavalli and Versace. They all did differently one from another, of course true to their directions. No further commenting, it's  unnecessary. 

This would be it from the Spring 2015 Milan Fashion Week.

Now, we are off to Paris.
Until then, i kiss you loads.


 Blumarine(first two), Dolce&Gabbana

 Alberta Ferretti, Emilio Pucci(middle two), Etro

 Fausto Puglisi, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Girogio Armani

 Gucci(first two), Marco de Vicenzo, Max Mara

 Missoni, Moschino, No. 21(last two)

Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Stella Jean

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

Hello guys, i greet you from London Fashion Week. This was short one - lasted 4 days. But it was very very very beautiful one.
As i may notice English designers love using quality fabrics, and they have this straight designs which emphasis the elegance and the luxury of it.
I've seen a lot of silk like in Antonio Berardi and Matthew Williamson collections. From these two collections i have selected suits, 'cause they look so amazing and so couture like. They can be worn as on a daily basis as on an elegant reception.
Jonathan Saunders and Paul Smith have this similarity in their collections. They have used small stripes over their clothes. And i love it. It looks like luxurious casual day wear.
Of course you cannot have a collection without dresses, which is basic female piece of clothes. And i have these few dresses that really popped out. I mean of: David Koma, Peter Pilotto, Richard Nicoll, and Marchesa dresses.
They are all so different but in the same time so fabulous.
First two are short ones with similar designs, i look at them as cocktail dresses. One is pure white and the other one has embellishments. They both give that elegant luxurious look every girl need.
Than we have Richard Nicoll's stunning flattering dress which is to die for. It suits the body, and in the same time is so modern and easy to make a fabulous outfit of.
And the last but not the last, magnificent Marchesa dress. I mean this dress is so couture, design is impeccable, as the color palette. There is one thing about Marchesa that always catches my eye and it's the amount of effort they put in these dresses. From a designer's view these dresses are first of all very very high quality and then aesthetic they are just perfect.

Dear followers of my work, this would be it from Spring 2015 London Fashion Week.

Next stop - Milano!

See you soon,

 Antonio Berardi

 Burberry Prorsum

 David Koma



 Matthew Williamson

 Matthew Williamson

 Matthew Williamson

 Paul Smith

 Peter Pilotto

 Richard Nicoll

 Jonathan Saunders


Tom Ford

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

Hello everyone, so the Fashion Week in New York has just ended and here i am with the best looks.
First of all, i loved almost all the shows, i've seen so many new innovating designs, and i've also seen re-modernized vintage pieces. I see so many different designs, colors, patterns.. For example the top from the first picture (A.Wang) took my breath away, it has this futuristic element that i just can't resist.
And i have to notice one more thing and it's that i can see that designers have found their inspirations in a variety of things like Mr. Ralph Lauren. His collection is so safari like, it's insane.
Also his beige silk jumpsuit with vibrant violet scarf blew me away. I loved the entire look, head-to-toe.
BCBG Max Azria has a little bit of Asian culture in their designs, their dresses are made of silk and they unbelievable remind me og kimonos. Carolina Herrera house has also a bit similarities with Asian culture too, i mean the hair in the look i posted from it's collection is a hundred pro-cent Japanese. 
Also there were designers like Hugo Boss and Cushnie et Ochs who went classy and elegant and i love it.
I am so joyful for Victoria Beckham's collection. It is so chic, fun and modern it's crazy. Her collections really represent her as a true fashion icon.
I have to mention this crazy thing between DKNY line and Donna Karan line. I mean same designer but so different and i also love that. I love it because you can see the difference between the first and the second line. On one side you have this innovative, elegant, classy collection, but on the other side you have this chic, modern 'back to school' type collection.
I love the Michael Kors see-through floral skirts. they are simply fantastic, they are so wearable and so interesting for combining.
OFC there are designers like DVF, Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, Vera Wang that words just can't describe. For me they are off the charts. It's just the fact that by every single season i get more more blown away. It's insane, what they create is magic. More than magic it's wonder.
And for the end i have to mention one specific designer and it is Mr. Christian Siriano. I've been following his work since Project Runway, and i am in love with his work. He is such a talent. His clothes are pure haute couture and he really understand what it's all about. The dress i've selected from hiss collection is incredible. Navy maxi skirt with and see through sequin top bonded in a dress is amazing.

Well, that would be it from this season's New York Fashion Week. I just hope that you are insane about it as i am.
Now, we are moving to London and we wait to see what have they prepared for us over there.

Love you all,


 Alexander Wang

 BCBG Max Azria

 Hugo Boss

 Hugo Boss

 Carolina Herrera

 Christian Siriano

 Cushnie et Ochs


 Donna Karan

 Donna Karan

 Diane von Furstenberg

 Jason Wu

 Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren

 Michael Kors

 Michael Kors

 Narciso Rodriguez

 Ohne Titel

 Oscar de la Renta

 Oscar de la Renta

 Prabal Gurung





 Tory Burch

 Vera Wang

 Victoria Beckham

Zac Posen