Monday, November 3, 2014

Sergio Rossi meets H&M

So, i haven't been here for a few days, but i am now. I went shopping a few days ago with my friend to choose some clothes for her, and i spotted this beautiful coat from H&M. It is amazing, this coat is a perfect example how you can feel comfortable and warm in the cold days but still chic and stylish. I love the length, long over-sized coats are definitely trending for a few seasons now. Also i love the pattern, it's so Gucci. And it costs 150e. Then we have these beautiful babies Sergio Rossi stilettos, which are bought in Italy, price is around 600 euros. Beautiful example of mixing cheap and expensive, and i love it because of the variety of colors.

These were my top 2 pieces for these days. Try to not be boring in this time of a year when you have so many options. 

fashionAlist(Nemania Lalatovich)

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