Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall accessories - Hats, caps, turbans..

Autumn is here, and winter is near. Be careful, cold weather is right upon us. And don't let it hit you unprepared. I know that many people when winter comes don't dress up, they don't take such a big care about their body, they don't practice, in all they don't give a damn. And when it comes to fashion they go away with i want it comfy and warm. I say NO! Fall/Winter is the best time of a year for dressing, layered outfits, luxurious fabrics, variety of colors and clothes from foulards to hats. This pieces is about hats, caps, turbans, in all everything you can put on your head.
I've chose 4 different pieces i love, which can be adequate for many situations. First a black knitted hat with embellishment on front, than two simple luxury hats with trendy colors and for the end this black satin with little lace veil turban to die for. 
This is just a little sparkle of what you can do, be creative and playful don't surrender to bad weather, go against it, but always with style.

Love yaaa,
fashionAlist(Nemania Lalatovich) 

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