Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous make-up day!! xx

Hello, hello! Today has been a make-up day. I went to my  friend like 2 hours ago or so. To make her beautiful, i don't say she isn't beautiful without it, but this will make her be more fabulous. And we have used a lot of make-up. And this is a picture from my set of make-up. Here u will find labels like Estee Lauder, Chanel, Dior, L'oreal, Lancome, Bourjois, MAC, Max Factor,Sephora,Inglot, YSl and a lot of the other make-up brands. I was really happy when i have finished, and i am so sorry that i don't have a pic for u, we were in a really big rush, so i am happy that i had a time to take a shot of this. And if u didn't know, i am not only a blogger and stylist, i adore make-up too. It's fascinating to me what can u do with it. Love u all!

Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

Guten nacht! I don't know why i sad good evening in German but whatever. I am in love with this collection. It is so amazing. All these pieces are so feminine and elegant, and the most important unique. I love how they have combined all these looks. Favorite pieces are these leopard-print boots, and velvet loafers on the third picture. The second outfit is so elegant. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Marni Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

I don't like this collection that much but i adore this looks, it's so stylish. Love these colors that they have used, and i love the outfit. I would only change the bag, it's standing out from this whole outfit. But all in all, i love it!

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Balmain Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

 Hello everyone. I have a few words of grace for this collection. It is fabulous. So amazing, so inspiring. All the pieces are amazing, and all the outfits are adorable. I love these patterns that they have used, these cuts, shapes, and colors are fabulous. But especially i have to comment on the jacket on the first picture. This embroidery, stitches, patterns are amazing, like from a dream. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beverley Johnson- beauty icon!

Hello everuone, i am i'm in mood for fashion icons, so i have selected this one. Beverly Johnson is the first African-American supermodel. Her stunning features and superstardom would eventually land her on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1974, making world history as the first black model to ever grace the acclaimed magazine’s cover, and forever changing the beauty ideal in the fashion world.
Beverly’s remarkable career, which spans three decades, is a showcase of accomplishment: from model to mom to actress, author, activist, businesswoman, TV personality, and finally icon.
As a model in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, Beverly appeared on more than 500 magazine covers from Glamour and Cosmopolitan to Essence, and French Elle. She has thousands of editorial pages, and hundreds of advertising campaigns to her credit.  She signed with the Ford Modeling agency and was one of the highest paid models in the industry in a very short period of time. Her work wasn’t limited to print; Beverly also worked the runway for such designers as Yves St. Laurent, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Halston.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld interviewed by Karl Lagerfeld! Very interesting!

Look at this amazing Karl Lagerfeld interview. Do u wonder ho has he been interviewed by?? Answer is by himself. I adore it. Also u can check hes collection at http://www.net-a-porter.com/

Don't u wanna see this on urself??

It is time for a new look from me. This is a real spring slash summer look. I have made this look 'cause i am amazed by this maxi skirts, which has made a lot of designers. But my favorite i have selected, and it's this Etro colorful maxi skirt. I kept it simple with this Donna Karan stretch top, and as a blend in i have used this amazing Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.Also i have spiced it up with this Miu Miu clutch. And for accessories department i have used this amazing 24 kart gold-plated crystal Oscar de la Renta necklace. This is a perfect outfit for a fashionable street walking. I find this toilet so fabulous, not just because it's made by me, it's because it is  fantastic. xx

Valentino Summer 2012 Couture(Favorite looks)

Hello, good evening beautiful world! Well, it's Valentino time. I have to say something when i was looking at first looks, i have said it is good but nothing out of his ordinary, he is always same. But i have separated these two dresses as something out of ordinary for him. When we talk about the first dress i love its shape the most and then its details. When we talk bout the second dress, i am speechless, love everything about it, details, shape, color, everything.

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Couture 2012 (Favorite looks)

I adore this collection, i love this cut, this shape, these materials, these details, and these patterns. This whole collection is so adorable, when we look at the pieces alone, they are so adorable, but there are some outfits that are not that good. But i have selected these 4 looks, as the best outfits. All in all, i adore it. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

No 21 Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

This collection is very specific to me. There aren't many things to be commented, there are no details, patterns and interesting cuts. But pieces are still good, i don't know how to explain it. And when i look at it from a stylish way i really love it, only thing missing is jewelry. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

I adore this Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2012 collection, it's so feminine and elegant. I like the combination of high heels, stockings, skirt, knitted blazer, and fabulous bag. I love it because it's so elegant and so so stylish. I love all the pieces in this collection, but these outfits are more than amazing. All in all, it is so fabulous.

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What OSCARPRGIRL says? Here it goes.

So amazing! I'm lovin' it!! xx

Givenchy Spring 2012 Couture (Favorite looks)

I don' have to say anything special about this whole collection. Out of t i have chosen only this look, 'because my opinion is that it's the best one. And why i think that? Answer is that i love the combination of elegant and casual, this dress is very elegant, it's for premiers and smth like that, and diverse o that this jacket is for a casual variant

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture (Favorite looks)

I adore this collection, it;s so amazing. First dress is so fabulous, i am absolutely in love with it. The thing i love the most is the cut, and the shape. All the things look so amazing, this dress  on the second picture is more than amazing, shape for itself is amazing, and the material is so interesting. Also, when we talk about this dress on the third picture the thing i love the most are these details in the ending.

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Armani Prive Summer Couture(Favorite looks)

Hello everyone, i have been busy these days but i am still thinking of u so i have posted this fabulous Armani Prive. This collection is so adorable. I adore these materials, so fabulous. All these pieces are so unique. Pay attention on the jacket on the first picture, the  skirt on the second pic, the fluffy coat on the third picture. So now i will talk about this amazing dress, so fabulous, so amazing, made for red carpet. I'd like to go to my coffin in it. x

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Versace Spring Summer 2012 Couture( Favorite looks)

I adore this dress, this shape is soo amazing! I love this golden details and all these beads all over this dress, and i also adore this make-up. And i adore the combination of these two colors. All in all, it's very couture nad very exclusive and elegant. I adore it so much. x

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Christian Dior Summer Spring 2012 Couture (Favorite looks)

This collection is so elegant, adorable, feminine. I love all these patterns, materials,cuts and embroideries.  And i adore these embellishments. I love these beads on the corset of this adorable dress. I love the combination of this snake python jacket, and this long lace skirt, and i adore how this belt suits this whole look.

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Giambattista Valli Spring Summer 2012 Couture (Favorite looks)

So, this couture Giambattista Valli collection. The special ting about i that all the pieces for themselves and i adore these combinations and outfits. I love the combination of this blacj and white embellishment , it looks so amazing, i love all these details on it, and i love how this belet is breaking all these things up. I am in love with this contrast of colors, black grey and white.  Also, i love these long, big floral dress, how the upper part is so tight, and the lower par is so big, and it's all made of these layers. When we talk about this dress on the second dress, i adore this huge golden flowers on shoulders. All in all, i adore it!

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Bouchra Jarrar Spring Summer Couture 2012 (Favorite looks)

I adore this collection, it's realy amazing. I love the combination of this pieces. This long lace skirt with this encrusted turtle neck shawl. It's really hard to explain this piece of clothes on the first. Also i love how they break up this dress on the third picture, i love this turtleneck with the golden buttons and this fur on it. And when we talk about the second dress, i love it because it's very elegant and i love this knitted detail on it, and i adore these golden buttons. xx

Source(pictures):American Vogue

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentino Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

Hello everyone! I have posted these two looks from Valentino pre-fall 2012 collection. I think it's pretty good, but as we all know i can't put all looks her, only the best ones. So, i have decided for these two. For the first ihave decided because i love the combination of leopard print and green color, and especially when the pieces are good as these two. And second one i love because of it's femininity and elegance. Beautiful c through top and more beautiful skirt. xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Friday, January 20, 2012

Emilio Pucci Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

I adore this collection, it's so fab and elegant. i love the combination of elegant pants, and elegant patterned top, or instead of that, elegant top and rocking blazer. Of course that is all followed by a great clutch, and interesting pumps. This dress on the second picture is so fantastic, i adore this print on it, it's so amazing, i can't find right words for it, but it's really amazing, and u know what i'm trying to say. Third outfit is my favorite, love everything about it, wouldn't change a thing. I have to say these heels are very interesting. I can say that they are made of plastic and they are c through. Adorable!

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2012 (Favorite looks)

So, this is Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-fall 2012 collection and it's a good one. Things i love about it? Well, let me start. First i adore the clutches, they are so amazing, very exclusive, and i love the color too. Then i love how they fit these small heels into whole outfit, so feminine! And then the last and most important part of my love for this collection is how they have combined these rough leather pieces with soft rhombus pattern cardigans. And one more thing i forgot to say, i adore the belt and the jacket slash coat  on the first picture. So amazing! xx

Source(pictures): American Vogue