Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bonsoir à tous! So i have a little story to tell. Everything started one morning when i woke up and i saw a few acne and blackheads on my face. So, as most of people would, i dressed up and ran to the closest cosmetic store to buy something to clean that. So i bought a really good cream for it, and my face was all cleared up, but i met with another problem. My skin was peeled and dried up. And it was so irritating for me, so i had to find something very quickly to resolve that problem. And, guess what, i did! I found this perfect Givenchy moisturizing cream. And i tell you it is fantastic! Your skin will shine like a red-hot frying pan, and it will be soft as babies ass! So, if any of u has a similar problem, i strongly recommend you to buy it. Love from fashionalist! xx

Attention. One more collaboration is going to be made!

Oh my goosh!!! So we all love H&M for themselves. But when famous designers get involved with them it is just amazing. For now, many of respected brands have been collaborating with H&M, such as Lanvin, Versace,Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo and so on but now Marni's five minutes have arrived. I am so so so excited for this collection which will be released in march 2012.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen(back then when he was alive)

Alexander Mcqueen(designer Sarah Burton)

Hi everyone. This is a shot from yesterdays party, but i am not writing about same topic, i will talk about something very very different. Trust me, you haven't expected this. Yesterday Sarah Burton ran away with top british fashion awards prize. And i gotta say she deserved it. But that is also not the topic i'm talking about. I wanna ask you all one question. Has Alexander Mcqueen really designed for his label, or was he only the presenter(head face) of it? I don't mean to offend him. I really love him, and all,  and a fashion world has really lost a lot with his absence. But i have to say, i mean, look at the creations of his  empire when he was alive, and look at them now. You can see the resemblence in designs in these last two pictures. I know that she should continue with his legacy of uniqueness and extravagantness, but something is fishy there, anyway it may be me being crazy, but i recommend you to think about it. All in all, I persoanlly have to congratulate Sarah Burton, honestly said, and i really mean it, from my heart. For a really long time, i haven't seen  designs like hers that are so unique,  amazing, marvelous, superb, elegant, glamorous, and i don't know what to say anymore. In the end i have to say, LOVE YOU SARAH, and Mcqueen house should be honoured to have you as a head of it.
P.S.  One more time Dear Alexander, R.I.P. We all miss you a lot.
As you may know, there has been a party today. And ofc there were amazing outfits, toilets, haircuts, i will tell you there have been outstanding dresses and breathtaking pumps.  Honestly i was lazy, so  i haven't uploaded all the photos. But, don't loose your faith in me, as always i have something in my sleeves, for example this shot from the party. These two hotties are just superb, i could eat them. Alexa Chung and Christopher Kane have left me breathless. Her Christopher Kane cream-encrusted dress is amazing, and his suit is so fucking good. It is simple, but i think we all know one sentence that has been spoken by our dear Coco Chanel: "Less is more". Only thing i would change is her hair, but i think that we can forgive her 'cause her outfit has overcame in her whole look.
P.S. Expect shots from my life, i'll post pics with my way of seeing Christmas decorations.
Source: American Vogue

Monday, November 28, 2011

Like a fairy tale of mine,.. just yummy xx

I have seen this shoot a week ago, and since then i kept thinking about it. First of all the place for shoot is amazing, these two models(Eddie Redmayne and Karlie Kloss) have done their parts perfectly. It so can be seen that they are experienced. And i have one question for all of you. Don't you have fantasy like this even once? And if you are wandering on what fantasy i'm thinking of, i'll tell you. It applies of a dream come true: two beautiful young people living in a beautiful house, being in love, and both of them looking amazing. Oh, well it is mine, anyway. I adore Vogue, he can make dreams come true, even though, they last very shortly, while the shoot is going.

Source(pictures): American Vogue

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colorful Burberry...J'adore!

 I simply adore this colorful Burberry prorsum skirt. I think that this piece you can wear in the evening and during the day. Pay attention to this shape, these details and these colors. I recommend you to wear it with big heels. And also you can add some colorful t-shirt, or you can put white t-shirt, and some colorful blazer.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello everyone. This is my shot of newest Serbia Elle issue. So as you can see red is the color that overcomes on this cover. Thing i also love about this cover is that it's foldable. Love ya xx
Stay put, and expect more amazing posts of my life and fashion!

Friday, November 25, 2011
Hello everyone, i'd like you to visit my friends fashion blog. It's not about fashion strictly, like latest fashion trends and all, its more about glamorous pictures. All in all, go visit it, you won't regret it! xx Love ya

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brian Atwood x Serena...yummy, but glamorous

So, As you may have seen in my earlier post Brian Atwood is pretty amazing. We all know that he has fame, he is famous now, blah, blah. Yeah, personally i think he is amazing, his designs are magnificent. So, my conclusion is when your designs are good, famous people start wearing them. For example, we all know this blonde gorgeous star, Serena Van der Woodsen. And if you wonder what she is wearing, here you go: a Haute Hippie Feather Vest, Rodarte Pleated Skirt, Mulberry Harriet Ostrich Tote, Brian Atwood Power Studs Suede Platform Pumps and a Siman Tu Veined White Turquoise Necklace. Love you all. xx

Bravo, Brian, Bravo!

So, these are Brian Atwood shoes. As you can see these heels are all amazing. Here you can see the perfect mix of glamor, style and modernity. I love all the colors he has used, all the patterns he used, and all kinds of leather he used. Also i love these details all over these fantastic heels. J'adore these beads and metal prickles which have been put on these heel's belts. Also i found these heels very interesting, because of the high heels. I always say, GIRLS, WEAR HIGH HEELS!  One of the reasons is that you will look much thiner, much more glamorous, and and your ass will look like you have been practising for ages. And one more thing, it's a bit interesting how there is one more male shoes designer. After Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin now comes Brian, who has earned his fame and glory quite a bit fast. Think about it?? Where is female person there? xxx
You know how they say, men are best in everything, they are best cooks, designers, stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, but women rule the men.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This dress x Exclusive party equals Girl you got it!

Rachel Gilbert shayla sequined tulla gown. This is a perfect dress for an exclusive events, somehing like premiers, weddings, exclusive parties. I love it! I would add some clutch i beige color and high heels in similiar shade.
Source: net-a-porter

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vote for the one you love the most! xx

So if you go to site, you will se voting competition on 10 best dressed sector. You will see a lot of great outfits, full of patterns, textures, colors shapes and so on. But as always, the best is only one, and as i would say on top there is only place for two. So, for me Karen Elson is dressed the best.

If you wanna vote, go here

Source: American Vogue

Garavani's Virtuel Museum

'Allo tout le monde. Here you can explore Valentino Garavani's work. This is something like a trailer of his work. But if you are really a fashion lover you will go to Valentino Garavani Virtuel Museum, there you can see more than 5.000 dresses, photographs, images, designs, and also more than 95 fashion shows will be available to you. I don't know for you, but i'm going for sure. xx

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missoni, gotta love it!

This is a colorfull Missoni dress. I simply adore it. The way these totally different colors have been put together is just amazing. I recommen you to wear with a jacket in color(orange or blue). You can wear it when you go on coffe with your friends. I just love it. And of course tou have to accessorize it with jewlery. I always say, outfit isn't outfit without accessories.
Source: net-a-porter

Designs, designs...
Hello! This a blog where you can see designs. It's not about pictures runways and so on. It' stritcly about designs, and also you can see a lot of fascinating drawings. I hope you will love it. I see it very inspirational. The way Vogue covers look like a drawing is amazing.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Slap it, Bitch!

Hell everyone, This is my friend Linus. I have seen his photos and i said to him you gotta make some photos for me. And voila he did. This guy as uou may see has a lot of style. I like his way of combining elegant shirts with everyday things. Also, as you may see in his wardrobe there is mostly black color, only thing i recommend is to put on some more colors. But as we all know, black was always in. All in all, Linus got style and his inner diva. Girl you got it!! xx

Black & Gold- Always good combination

So i have seen with my friend yestrday. And she was wearing these beautiful D&G sneakers. I totally love them. Cause they can be worn with almost anything. But i recommend you to wear them with some torned skinny jeans. I love the shoelace the gold buttons, i love that they are varnished. Especially 'cause varnished is IN this season. xx Love you