Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bad day for shopping!

I have to ask everyone one question. Do you hate when someone is being late? Yesterday i went shopping with my friend. And during that we were also waiting for other friend. And we made a deal to meet at 8 pm, and we went shooping about 7 p.m. or smth like that. So after i have bought everything i wanted we called here and asked her "Where are you?" Btw it was already half past 8. She told us that she is in cab. And we said ok, that is ok. SO we went to resaturant(ordered panna cotta, pasta carbonara, pizzamargherita, and of course white wine) So we were waiting and waiting and waiting, and ofc she wasn't coming because she is always late but this time she was 2 fucking hours late. I knew that she wouldn't come on time but GOD i also didn't think that she would be that late. So we started making phone calls and such things, and she wasn't answering. So, we gave up! And all of a sudden some total stranger came to us and said your friend isn't coming, me and my friend was in the same time laughing and crepeed out. And we responded by saying: "Even if she is not coming, what does that have to do with you." He said like It's not my thing but i hate when people are being late. And we said:" Why are you telling that to us". Than he was saying something to his beard and then he was gone. After that i thought, what's happening to this man like is he really that lonely. So waiting for Nadia has ended, she finally came and told us what happened, she went up in a huge fight with her parents, bad words and thoughts were spoken, but everything is fixed up now. So yeah, evening was going after that like it should. Until.... I met my mother in a restaurant, while i was smoking, and we were looking at each other like both of us were astonished(she for finding out i'm smoking, and me for seeing her seeing me smoking). So we had a little conversation, but she was like i am disappointed in you, blah, blah! I feel really sorry for making her sad, but better now than never. Am i wright?? But all in all, at least i bought something. A bit happiness in al this mess.  I bought one Frankie Morello shoes, and one Zara denim shirt.

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