Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Divas- Now and before

On first you picture you have Lesley Lawson born Hornby or known to all Twiggy. She was an English model, actress and singer. Twiggy was initially known for her androgynous looks, large eyes, long eyelashes, thin build, and short hair. In 1966 she was named "The face og 1966" by Daily Express. She has landed on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and The Tatler.She wrote a book Twiggy in Black and White, it has entered the bestseller list's. She has also appeared as a judge on America's next top model.
On second picture you have worldwide known Kate Moss. Moss is known for her waifish figure and popularising the heroin chic look in the 1990s. Moss changed the look of modelling and started a global debate on eating disorders, and her role in size 0 fashion. In 2007, she came 2nd on the  Forbes top-earning models list, estimated to have earned $9 million in one year. She has appeared on covers of many many magazines. Such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair.
So, I only have one question for you. WHich one of these two do you pick as better one, ore should i say more favorite one??
P.S. Personally, I choose Kate. xx

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