Monday, October 31, 2011

Field was born in 1941 in New York City to Greek and Armenian parents, who emigrated from Lesvos, Greece. She was raised in Astoria, Queens and has claimed credit for inventing the modern legging for women's fashion in the 1970s. She is the owner of the eponymous boutique Patricia Field.
She is a designer for series Sexa and teh city, and the Sex and the city movies, Ugly Betty, Faith and Hope, and Devil wears Prada movie.
On 25 February 2011, Dior announced that it had suspended its head designer John Galliano following his arrest over an alleged anti-semitic assault in a Paris bar. The next day, The Sun published a video on their website, in which Galliano hurls anti-semitic insults at a group of Italian women and declares "I love Hitler.. People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed." In a statement, Natalie Portman, an Oscar-winning American actress who is Jewish and whose great-grandparents died in Auschwitz expressed "disgust" at John Galliano's comments. This sentiment was shared by most people in the fashion and entertainment industry, but not by Field, who went all out defending Galliano by sending an email blast to 500 friends, blogs and media. She dismissed Galliano's statements as "theater" and later, in a phone interview with WWD described Galliano’s videotaped behavior as “farce” and said she was bewildered that people in the fashion community have not recognized it as such. "It's theater," she said. "It's farce. But people in fashion don't recognize the farce in it. All of a sudden they don’t know him. But it’s OK when it’s Mel Brooks' The Producers singing "Springtime for Hitler".
This is december a cover for British Vogue, december issue. And on the cover is nobody else than Gisele Bundchen. I adore this woman, she is very inspiring to me. And i also like these tights onher. I am really in love with them.
I love Prada. They always have beautiful details, look at this bracelet and necklace. Also, i adore this bag, it's like made for a beautiful gowns and exclusive parties!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Versace for H&M

 Who's up next to work with H&M? Versace. As you may heard, Versace has been collaborating with H&M. This collection of H&M is full of prints,patterns,colors and many greek motifs.
Once again, Donatella did her job perfectly. Vissuto Donatella!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Anndra Neen necklace

Don't you think it's lovely. I really like jewelry especially when it's affective and untypical like this!

This is Kate Lanphear with her signature jewelry. Gotta say, i love your ring!

DKNY WEDGES-Don't they look beautiful!?

Everybody this is Zoe Zhang. As you can see she is an amazing dresser. She has perfectly combined this pumps with the animal print shirt and these green pant. Who say that mixing is trash!? Yes, mixing can be trash, but only for those who doesn't know how to combine colors, Zoe has combined over 5 colors and she has done that with an amazing style! Bravo, Zoe, bravo!
These pants are Alexander Wang, and the shoes are ASOS!
Don't you just love this Rachel Comey hat! I think that this hat can perfectly serve for looking very unusual and modern! All in all, i love it!
Doesn't she look amazing?? She has perfectly combined all the pieces together. But the thing i like the most is this neklace. I have to say once again: Today, everything is about details!
Detail from Zac Posen, 2011
Detail from Prada, 2007

Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't you just adore this bag??
I find it amazing!

I really love this olive green monton. The thing i like the most about it are the shape, the texture and details. Look at the buttons on the back,and pay attention how it's all frilled up. The label is Roberto Cavalli.
God bless Dior!

The thing i love about this sweater is the hood. It's because it's a bit unusual, 'cause it's like there is no transition between the sweater and the hood. And i like the way they have put these zircons, it's a perfect measure(they haven't put too litle or too much). And in the case that someone is wondering, this is Blugirl Folies label.

This is a Rocco Barocco knitted coat. I really adore it. Especially the sleeves. There is nothing more beautiful than when you have a beautiful coat in autumn,when all the leaves are falling! Pay attention on details!

Hello everyone! My sincere opinion is that these shoes are amazing! I like everything about it:the leather,the platform, the colour. But the thing i most like is this wedge. They really look marvelous, the shape and the color are just amazing! Btw, the brand is Le silla, if someone is asking.

These are creepers shoes. I personally think that they are really cool. And as you can see some brands also make them(in this example Prada). They are a bit strange, but i would totally wear them.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here you have:

1.Coco Chanel-Mademoisselle
2.Gucci by Gucci flora
3.Paco Rabanne-Lady million
4.Gucci- Guilty
5.Carolina Herrera-212 VIP
6.Versace-Black crystal
8.Roberto Cavalli-Serpentine
10.Boss orange
11.Nina Ricci-Ricci Ricci
12.Just Cavalli for her
13.Giorgio Armani-Armani Mania
Leave your comment and tell me which one do you like the most?
What do you think of this sweater?
I personally think that it looks very unusual and in the same time fabulous!
But for the pieces of clothes like this you should pick wright acessories!

This also one of my looks. It's nothing special. But if you wanna look good during the day, you should dress like this.
My favorite piece  on this picture is this jacket. It looks really good!

I really love this combination!!!I like the stockings, and the shoes,and the way thy go together.
And this t-shirt because of its color and the texture. On her left hand is Hublot watch!
This is also one of my season looks. Hope you love it!

This is one of my season looks.I adore the big sweater,and the belt. And the shoes are just amazing. This you can wear on daz r night but no on exclusive events. Also you can add some crazy bag, but it mustnt't be clutch!
I like these heels because they are so not usual. It is really amazing. This stunning heel belong to Charlotte Olympia. Charlotte, congrats from me. You have knocked us down. Bravo!

Earings are back!

So, i don't know if you haven't heard, but these earings have returned in fashion! And who would present them better than American super-model Karlie Kloss!
These are D&G sandals/Collection Spring Summer 2012.
I adore this sandals, 'cause they could be worn in almost any situation. And these crystals are really beautiful. I like the way they have put them, these crystals can be very tricky. If you put too much of them it can look like trash,but if you know the measure they can look amazing,just like these sandals. I love D&G in general, 'cause they made clothes that can be worn in the evenings and exclusive events and clothes for every day,and either way you will look like a million dollar.
This is Prada bag/Collection Spring Summer 2012.
The thing i love about this bag are these crystals on it,and i like Prada because in every season they go with a different look. Prada is always different, and the thing i love the most about about this brand is the thing that you never know what to expect from them.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So, i had some free time. And i was thinking about my blog and some random things. All of a sudden  thaught came to my mind. What should i post next?! Basicaly there is nothing new happening in fashion world. It's the end of October, all the Spring/Summer 2012 Collections are done, everyone is waitnig for Pre Fall 2012 and Autumn/Winter 2012 Collections. So I was browsing through my thoughts and the Internet. So, i came up on to the "first lady" in fashion, Anna Wintour. And the problem is what to write about her. Everything is already enough said about her, so i recall of her first Vogue cover..And her it is. She was always about mixing cheap and expensive, and that is what she has done. On this picture is a model dressed in Christian Lacroix t-shirt that cost 10,000 dollars and some random jeans.
I just have to say, Anna you really deserve your position!