Monday, March 24, 2014

Obsession for New Balance

So, the New Balance shoes are more than trending. And i adore rhem. It's a classic sneaker shoe a bit strange shapde, but it is very wearable. And not only you can wear it sportly, you can wear it casualy, and even so elegantly. Wear it with skirt, leggings, jeans, trounsers, jumpsuit and so on..
Many celebs such as Rihanna herseld wear these fabulous shoes.
I personally choose these amazing completely red ones with the leopard-print inside. Also i love the beige and black too, but there are million of combinations.
And the best of all ther not expensive at all. You can even find them for 70$.
So, next time u go shoppin' buy them, you'll be trendy and chic for no big bucks.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alexander Mcqueen - to die for

I'm simply in love with this Alexander Mcqueen red and black leather vest. Design is completely amazing, along with the all details. And the best is that it is so easy to stylish it up, wear it with skirt, jeans, leggings whatever you will look good in it.
It's definitely #1 on my list.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paris Fashion Week - Fall 2014 collections

Fashion weeks in Milan and London have ended so it is time for Paris. It is the most important week of a year, and here is why. This fashion week is so crucial, all the iconic designers and their labels come from Paris. Seeing these collections make me wonder how fashion have forwarded and changed through the years and centuries. But, that is not a topic now.
As you all know i take a few collections with one look per each and upload it as a quick snap.
In these designs you may see a few new and older fashion trends. Mixture of fabrics is very popular(wool and silk, leather and feathery, jersey and cotton). Also mixing different patterns and colors is very inventive, as you may see in Balmain's collection when they made a look from a black&white skirt and vibrant orange fur top or a navy blue fur top and leopard-print skirt with leather endings. Mixing colors, patterns, fabrics and styles is totally trending this season.
And also you can see oversized coat which is trending for 2 seasons now.
To be honest, my favorite collection for now from this fashion week is Balmain.
It's my fave because it's innovative, artistic, wearable, one word - breathtaking.
I really admire Mr. Olivier Rousteing for his talent and work.
That would be it..

I say good night for now..

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 Christian Dior

 Isabel Marant


 Nina Ricci

Roland Mouret