Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nancy Gonzalez backpack

I'm in love with this amazing glossed-crocodile Nancy Gonzalez backpack.
I love it for its impacable design, and this viid color.
 I am generally more for totes, clutches or shoulder bags but backpas are also my kinda thing. Skinny jeans, a pair of sandals, light blouse or shirt, appropriate accessories and this backpack would be a perfect spring outfit.

Photos taken from net-a-porter.com

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diesel Fall 2014

A bit late for Diesel. I loved this show, completely amazing. I mean they have used so many different fabrics, amazing details and patterns.
Look at these jackets, i mean they nailed it.
And i also love what stylists have done on putting on those runway looks together.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Men's Fashion - loafers

This post will be about Men's fashion since i'm mostly writing about Women's.

Spring is finally here, so you can ditch heavy clothes and shoes, and change them with loafers, light shirts and blazers, bermudas, maybe sandals.

Since i'm a shoeaholic i'll be writing about shoes. And this time it's loafers.
I've chosen my several favorites. 
Three of them are labeled and very expensive and one shoe is from Zara.
I do this because my blog is followed by people from diverse financial situation, and i want to please everyone.

I love loafers, espadrillas, sandals, i mean when you have a really good pair of loafers you don't have to try hard about clothes.
As you may see, there are millions of different designs.
I did a litle bit od everything.
First are the Christian Louboutin, turqouise background with light green embroidery. I love these, they are perfect for warm days, they look so vivid and made for spring.
Also, similar to them are Gucci's, i love them too, they are in floral print. Also very good for this time od a year.
Then there are the classic black one with litle tassels. You can wear then anytime, with almost anything. They are really greatfull when puting in an outfit is a matter. 
And the last, but not the least Giuseppe Zanotti's. Dark olive color, with golden chain. Amazing as always. I'd wear them with dark jeans.

Go purchase a pair, 'cause they're totally trending!