Monday, April 30, 2012

Perfect spring accessories

So, it's finally spring. I mean real spring. So it means that it's time for some new colorful, fashionable outfits. I have selected a few accessories for this beautiful time. We have two pair of earrings, one turquoise necklace, and one pair of sunglasses. So, let's start with earrings. I'm in love with these two pairs. First pair,(D letter with flower detail) are Dior earrings. I love them, they are not too serious, and they look great, and they are so cute. The other pair are Swarovski, they look amazing too. I love them because they aren't oversized, and i love these details on them. When we talk about the necklace, it's unlabelled, but i love it, i love the colors, and i love the length, and it could easily fit in with the dress on my previous post. And it came down to these amazing sunglasses. The label is Nina Ricci. I love them because of the shape and the color.

P.S. These pics are made by me, i had to say that because i'm really proud of them. x

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Printed dress for these spring days

So, even if the calendar shows that Spring begins at March, April is a real spring month. To honor this beautiful time i wanted to start this beautiful weather with a beautiful dress. I;m in love with this dress. I love it 'cause it's fluttering, i love this print, these colors, the shape, the embroidery, i love everything about. It's a perfect dress for a walk on a sunny day. xx
P.S. If you ask yourself who's the designer, it's not well known, it's Suzanna Perich.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cesare Paciotti Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Hello! So, this post is about Cesare Paciotti  for Fall/Winter 2012/2013. This shoe presentation is hosted by Hofit Golan. What i have to say?? I like it, i love the textures, and i love these designs, they are very unique, i really mean it. If you don't believe me, see it for yourself. xx

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prada x Vahram Muratyan = Prada Parallel Universes

Hello everyone. So, i found out about this really cool thing that Prada house did. And i'm talking about these amazing GIFs. Prada has hired an illustrator named Vahram Muratyan to create them. This project is called "Prada Parallel Universes". And it's really amazing. This project is based on Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I find this super super interesting. What about you??
If you are interested in seeing this entire project click HERE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No.1 on my shopping list

So, i don't really have much time for blogging these days, first reason is because i don't have time for it, and second because i don't know what to blog about, and third because i'm so damn tired. But i had time for browsing through net-a-porter and searching for something new to buy. And i found something really interesting. It's this amazing Isabel Marant wonda tie-dye stretch cotton jacket. I love it's a great type of jacket, it's not boring, its challenging for combining with the accessories and shoes and everything else. I love it! What do you think about it??

Monday, April 23, 2012

Queen Victoria on Harper's Bazaar May cover

This is the Harper's Bazaar May cover with Victoria Beckham on it. She really look stunning. I love the floral background, i love the make-up. She looks completely amazing. It's nto strange that she has a nickname "Queen Victoria".

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Socks and I - strange love

So, if you have been following me on twitter you should now that i took a trip to Budapest, for  sightseeing and of course shopping. i have bought so many stuff, but the most special thing i bought are these colored H&M socks. I have a huge passion toward socks. I like feeling comfy in them, and i love when they look nice. I love the colors pink and turquoise, and i love the embroidery on the beginning. How do you feel about socks??

The best moments 1997 - 2012

O, this is a video that fashionTV has made to honor the 15th anniversary of its work. They have represented best moments in fashion from 1997 until now. You can see a lot of historic moments in this video such as Gianni Versace on the runway, runway beginnings of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. All in all, click play and see for yourself.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter xx

I know that Easter was yesterday, but i didn't have time to write about it, so i'm doing it today. i wish u all Happy Easter day. And in the respect of this day i have posted this beautiful floral egg jewelry boxes. I really adore them, and they look amazing. Don't you agree??

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Accessories - necessary part of everyday life

So, if you have followed my blog carefully you should know that i'm an accessories fanatic. And one of my favorite accessories is jewelry. I think that an outfit is not complete without a pair of earrings, a fabulous necklace, a simple bracelet, or an effective brooch . I think that the jewelry is there to bond all the pieces of clothes together, and to make it even more beautiful. I have selected a few fabulous pieces  for you. Here it goes:
1. Phillipe Audibert silver-plated bracelet
2. Jil Sander crystal clip earrings
3. Miu Miu crystal brass necklace
4. Aurelie Bidermann 18 karat gold-plated bracelet
5. Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold-plated multi strand necklace
6. Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold plated geometric necklace
7. Erickson Beamon gunmetal-plated Swarovski crystal brooch
8. Emilio Pucci brass and crystal necklace
9. Aurelie Bidermann 18-karat gold-plated turquoise clip earrings
10. Emilio Pucci crystal ring
11. Lanvin glass pearl and Swarovski crystal cross brooch
12. Miu Miu crystal clip earrings

-So, next time you get dressed pay attention to what you wear, don't be afraid to put on the jewelry. If  you think you look nice, with accessories you'll look even more beautiful
Love ya all,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Irina Shayk wedding couture photoshoot

Irina Shayk rocking the wedding couture. She really looks stunning. And i love the place for shooting.
Once again she confirms her calling as model. If you don't trust me, see for yourself.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Vogue USA May 2012 cover with Scarlett Johansson on it

So,one the newest Vogue US cover is Scarlett Johansson . I have to say that she looks stunning. The make-up and hair are flawless, her lips and eyes are amazing. I adore her, i'm so glad that she's the one on the cover. She looks beautiful, she has beautiful skin, and she is so hot. All in al, great cover!
P.S. I love the earrings.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 10 Clutches...

Bonjour!. So, it's all known that the one of the most important part of the outfit is bag, and these days, most popular type of bags are clutches. I have selected my top 10 clutches, and here it goes:

1)Printed pattent Dolce&Gabbana clutch
2)Leopard print Christian Louboutin clutch
3)Embroidered and crystal-embellished Christopher Kane clutch
4)Bottega Veneta  Studded intrecciato leather knot clutch
5)Silk rosette clutch
6)Alexander McQueen Punk shell embellished box
7)Versace embroidered leather box clutch
8)Emilio Pucci silk satin and leather clutch
9)Dolce&Gabbana printed leather patent clutch
10)Matthew Williamson embellished fringed suede clutch

Love ya all!
fashionAlist xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Penelope Cruz - Harper's Bazaar US May 2012 Cover

So, guess who's on the Harper's Bazaar May 2012 cover. Yeah, it's Penelope Cruz. I have to say that she is amazing, she looks stunning, her make-up is flawless, her hair is more that fabulous. Her lips are simply seducing. She is wearing Armani Privé crystal jacket and diamond&sapphire necklace. I mean, Jesus, how many 37 year old women can look like this??!! In the interview she talks about her family, fashion and her idol. Guess who it is?? It's nobody else than movie icon Meryl Streep.

Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

Hello everyone/ I don't know if you have heard, but there is a new gossip town. The Salvatore Ferragamo museum has a new exhibition called "Secret Archives". This museum is locate in Piazza Santa Trinita 5/2, Florence, and it's open from 10 AM to 6 PM. This exhibition is closing on the 1st June 2012.
For more details visit

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fascinating Dior runway make-up

Hello everyone. Today i've seen this article about Dior runway make-up. And i have to say that i'm really amazed. It's so strange how make-up can be one of the most important accessories. When you make clothes, and when you organize a runway show, you don't just have to pay attention about the clothes, there are many more important stuff such as hair and make-up. For example. imagine a beautiful impressing Dior gown, with a simple "down to earth" make-up. It just doesn't go that way. The point is that you hae to pay attention to all the details.
The res of the Dior make-up you can see in HERE

Monday, April 9, 2012

Shiny, printed, colorful- all in one!

Hello everyone. I have been quite busy these days, so didn't have time to make a new season look. It's quite unusual. I've bonded two totally different styles, and designers. Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli- it's not usual combination. because, Oscar de la Renta makes much more elegant clothes, Cavalli makes clothes full of animal prints, and his clothes aren't that elegant. Anyway, what do we have hear? Here it goes:
1)Oscar de la Renta open-knitt tweed jacket
2)Alice+Olivia sequined silk top
3)Lanvin oversized Swarovski crystal necklace
4)Roberto Cavalli leopard printed pants
5)Matthew Williamson embellished suede clutch
6)Burberry leather sandals
7)Yves Saint Laurent arty gold-plated glass ring
I made this outfit because i wanted to gather different styles, different designers. And i wanted to bond colorful and shiny clothes all in one outfit. xx

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sergio Rossi shoes - fall 2012/2013

Hello! I love this Sergio Rossi shoes collection for fall 2012/2013. I love all the details, and i love the entire designs, and fabrics. Also i'm glad that the heel is high. xx

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Harper's Bazaar April issue

Guess who's on the Harper's Bazaar April issue. It's Taylor Swift. And she looks better than ever. I love the cover, i love the Gucci dress, everything is great. She looks amazing. xx

Friday, April 6, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs multi-color sneakers

Hello everyone. I have a fantastic news. I have ordered these Marc Jacobs sneaker for myself. And i was randomly shopping online searching for some new stuff, then i went to to see some new stuff. And then i saw this wonderful pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers. I love them because they are multi-color.  And i haven't had that kind of shoes, i usually wear loafers, boots, shoes, booties, and so on. So, now i'm really glad i've found these sneaker. And i don't care because these are made for women, i will be glad to wear them. xx
P.S. If you want to buy them too, click HERE.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mary Katrantzou dress to die for

Amazing dress- made by Mary Katrantzou. I really respect her work. She surprises me pleasantly with every new collection of hers. I love the shape of this dress, and the entire design. I would also add an effective jewelry and maybe Christian Louboutin beige pigalle.

British Vogue May 2012 cover

So, i have to say that i didn't expect to see Charlize Theron on the British Vogue May cover. I say that because she wasn't that long ago on the American Vogue cover(precisely December 2011). However, i adore this cover, the great combination o silk and leather, she looks so elegant. Her hair is amazing, as her eyes. Also, i think that combination of sky blue and beige color is infallible.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Le Silla shoes Fall 2012/2013

Hello everyone. This is a video about Le Silla shoes for Fall 2012/2013 collection. It's full of "glitter". Almost every pair of shoes shine, or as i would call it, they are shiny, they sparkle. To short up, click play and see for yourself. xx

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vogue Italia Aprile 2012 cover

I love this cover, i love the models, i love the clothes, i love the hairs and make-ups. Also this place where this photoshoot has been taken is so amazing. I love the carpet, curtains, and the entire interior. All in all, this is an amazing Vogue Italia cover. Franca Sozzani did the great job, as always, of course. xx

Monday, April 2, 2012

"A real man seduces the same woman every day"

Hello everyone,
-Today, i am writing my column. And if you wonder what the topic is about,it's about love. I wanna write about how love grows into boredom. And it's a true love story from my life( a story of an acquaintance of mine). Here it goes:
 I remember it like it was yesterday, when she called and told me how she met a hot and handsome guy. The thing she also said was  how she thinks that he is "loaded". My response was: "Great darling, i'm happy you've met someone who you are attracted to". Then, after a couple of days, he called her and asked her to go on a date. But it wasn't a classic invitation,  like people used to do. It was more like unofficial, unbound date. So she met him at an agreed place. She called me before she went, i still remember how much she was excited, i was excited for her, and i cannot imagine how much she was. She called me back again after a couple of hours, and i was thrilled to hear all the details. I answered and she started yelling: "Oh my God, he is so fucking perfect, his eyes, his hair, his mouth, i couldn't breath, i thought my heart was going to fall out" -(for my opinion typical symptoms for infatuation), but however i love seeing people happy and in love. I  responded with a typical answer, and i'll tell you i was really happy for her, i really was. After an hour we ended our phone call. She called me after a few hours(yelling again), and she told me that he invited her to a second date(this was an official one). They met again, and they kissed, and everything was great. That were  first two stages of love- infatuation and relationship.
-Here come next two stages, love and marriage. They have been together for, i think 2 years and something, i'm not sure. And they were madly in love. So, i remember her calling me and telling me that he proposed to her. I was literally shocked, i mean they weren't in a relationship for that long. I mean 2 years isn't that long, but i was still excited and truly happy for two of them, primarily for her. I was at her wedding, it was fabulous, they were both smoking hot. Still, they were really happy. Until...
-Now comes the third and fourth stage- habit and boredom. They got married, went on their honeymoon, they were doing everything as all the fresh married couples do. They've been married for 3 years. And after those 3 years, their love grew into habit. After 3 years of daily base routine, their marriage became a habit. Nothing else. Also there was still love, but they didn't express it one to another. So in the end, that habit became a complete boredom. They are still together, but trust me, they look like they are not.
By telling you this story i wanted to show you how love can grow into boredom. And trust me, you (couples) are the one guilty for that. Why? Because you are allowing it to happen. If you have a relationship without thrills, surprises, flirts, innovations, excitements, trust me you are doomed. This stands for any kinds of relationships(straight, homosexual, lesbian) That's why i love to say that "A real man seduces the same woman every day". xx

P.S Don't be afraid to show your feelings. I hope that this will be useful to you one day. LOVE YOU ALL! xx