Sunday, April 15, 2012

Accessories - necessary part of everyday life

So, if you have followed my blog carefully you should know that i'm an accessories fanatic. And one of my favorite accessories is jewelry. I think that an outfit is not complete without a pair of earrings, a fabulous necklace, a simple bracelet, or an effective brooch . I think that the jewelry is there to bond all the pieces of clothes together, and to make it even more beautiful. I have selected a few fabulous pieces  for you. Here it goes:
1. Phillipe Audibert silver-plated bracelet
2. Jil Sander crystal clip earrings
3. Miu Miu crystal brass necklace
4. Aurelie Bidermann 18 karat gold-plated bracelet
5. Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold-plated multi strand necklace
6. Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold plated geometric necklace
7. Erickson Beamon gunmetal-plated Swarovski crystal brooch
8. Emilio Pucci brass and crystal necklace
9. Aurelie Bidermann 18-karat gold-plated turquoise clip earrings
10. Emilio Pucci crystal ring
11. Lanvin glass pearl and Swarovski crystal cross brooch
12. Miu Miu crystal clip earrings

-So, next time you get dressed pay attention to what you wear, don't be afraid to put on the jewelry. If  you think you look nice, with accessories you'll look even more beautiful
Love ya all,

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  1. I would have to say the main earrings that I see are the sterling silver clip on earrings. So many women have these types of earrings.