Monday, April 2, 2012

"A real man seduces the same woman every day"

Hello everyone,
-Today, i am writing my column. And if you wonder what the topic is about,it's about love. I wanna write about how love grows into boredom. And it's a true love story from my life( a story of an acquaintance of mine). Here it goes:
 I remember it like it was yesterday, when she called and told me how she met a hot and handsome guy. The thing she also said was  how she thinks that he is "loaded". My response was: "Great darling, i'm happy you've met someone who you are attracted to". Then, after a couple of days, he called her and asked her to go on a date. But it wasn't a classic invitation,  like people used to do. It was more like unofficial, unbound date. So she met him at an agreed place. She called me before she went, i still remember how much she was excited, i was excited for her, and i cannot imagine how much she was. She called me back again after a couple of hours, and i was thrilled to hear all the details. I answered and she started yelling: "Oh my God, he is so fucking perfect, his eyes, his hair, his mouth, i couldn't breath, i thought my heart was going to fall out" -(for my opinion typical symptoms for infatuation), but however i love seeing people happy and in love. I  responded with a typical answer, and i'll tell you i was really happy for her, i really was. After an hour we ended our phone call. She called me after a few hours(yelling again), and she told me that he invited her to a second date(this was an official one). They met again, and they kissed, and everything was great. That were  first two stages of love- infatuation and relationship.
-Here come next two stages, love and marriage. They have been together for, i think 2 years and something, i'm not sure. And they were madly in love. So, i remember her calling me and telling me that he proposed to her. I was literally shocked, i mean they weren't in a relationship for that long. I mean 2 years isn't that long, but i was still excited and truly happy for two of them, primarily for her. I was at her wedding, it was fabulous, they were both smoking hot. Still, they were really happy. Until...
-Now comes the third and fourth stage- habit and boredom. They got married, went on their honeymoon, they were doing everything as all the fresh married couples do. They've been married for 3 years. And after those 3 years, their love grew into habit. After 3 years of daily base routine, their marriage became a habit. Nothing else. Also there was still love, but they didn't express it one to another. So in the end, that habit became a complete boredom. They are still together, but trust me, they look like they are not.
By telling you this story i wanted to show you how love can grow into boredom. And trust me, you (couples) are the one guilty for that. Why? Because you are allowing it to happen. If you have a relationship without thrills, surprises, flirts, innovations, excitements, trust me you are doomed. This stands for any kinds of relationships(straight, homosexual, lesbian) That's why i love to say that "A real man seduces the same woman every day". xx

P.S Don't be afraid to show your feelings. I hope that this will be useful to you one day. LOVE YOU ALL! xx

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  1. SO true...I just wish it would be easier to NOT let love grow into boredom...