Monday, April 30, 2012

Perfect spring accessories

So, it's finally spring. I mean real spring. So it means that it's time for some new colorful, fashionable outfits. I have selected a few accessories for this beautiful time. We have two pair of earrings, one turquoise necklace, and one pair of sunglasses. So, let's start with earrings. I'm in love with these two pairs. First pair,(D letter with flower detail) are Dior earrings. I love them, they are not too serious, and they look great, and they are so cute. The other pair are Swarovski, they look amazing too. I love them because they aren't oversized, and i love these details on them. When we talk about the necklace, it's unlabelled, but i love it, i love the colors, and i love the length, and it could easily fit in with the dress on my previous post. And it came down to these amazing sunglasses. The label is Nina Ricci. I love them because of the shape and the color.

P.S. These pics are made by me, i had to say that because i'm really proud of them. x

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