Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen(back then when he was alive)

Alexander Mcqueen(designer Sarah Burton)

Hi everyone. This is a shot from yesterdays party, but i am not writing about same topic, i will talk about something very very different. Trust me, you haven't expected this. Yesterday Sarah Burton ran away with top british fashion awards prize. And i gotta say she deserved it. But that is also not the topic i'm talking about. I wanna ask you all one question. Has Alexander Mcqueen really designed for his label, or was he only the presenter(head face) of it? I don't mean to offend him. I really love him, and all,  and a fashion world has really lost a lot with his absence. But i have to say, i mean, look at the creations of his  empire when he was alive, and look at them now. You can see the resemblence in designs in these last two pictures. I know that she should continue with his legacy of uniqueness and extravagantness, but something is fishy there, anyway it may be me being crazy, but i recommend you to think about it. All in all, I persoanlly have to congratulate Sarah Burton, honestly said, and i really mean it, from my heart. For a really long time, i haven't seen  designs like hers that are so unique,  amazing, marvelous, superb, elegant, glamorous, and i don't know what to say anymore. In the end i have to say, LOVE YOU SARAH, and Mcqueen house should be honoured to have you as a head of it.
P.S.  One more time Dear Alexander, R.I.P. We all miss you a lot.

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