Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vogue December-Charlize Teron

Today i've been browsing through internet and i was thinking of what to post next, and i remembered. Newest Vogue issue. Let me comment on the cover first. Let me say you are just super extra mega amazing! The way you flirt with camera with those beautiful sparkly blue- seducing eyes is just marvelous. Now i will comment on the other picture. This Alexander Mcquuen silver dress is just incroyable. I love this glass and these beads all over it.This dress really suits good to Charlize. And the most important part is that when you bond her beautiful eyes and this amazing dress you get something magnificent and something worth of turning around. Miss Teron you've made a lot of sparks this time, and i LOVE sparks or as i would say Girl you got it!

Source: American Vogue

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