Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A messy day today! xx

So, i went to town today, and i was getting ready, i was waxing my eyebrows, reading a book before that and putting on a perfume. When i went home i throw a bill of a skinnies that i've bought today and i changed my clothes, after that i sat down on computer and i felt weird everything was so messy, and when i pay attention to my table this is what i have seen. A pair of tweezers, phone usb, a book named Body for Success(read it it's really instructive), and ofc a Chanel Platinum Egoiste perfume that i've used before. So my lesson for u is before u go somewhere don't leave mess 'cause it will conglomerate and it will wait for u when u come back home. This is a good thing that i have seen it on time, because it gets much worse.

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