Monday, January 2, 2012

Kitty New Year!! xx

HELLO TO YOU ALL! I  walked down the street yesterday when a complete stranger came to me and said if you buy this card you will donate to the charity and all the stuff that people are saying. And i usually don't believe in that stuff but now i am in the holiday spirit, so i have bought it, and the second reason is maybe it will help some people, it won't harm me if i buy, and there is even a 1 % chance for poor kids or homeless people to get help, and it cost only 5 euros, so it is nothing. And by this opportunity i want to wish u all, HAPPY NEW YEAR, you should leave everything bad in the past year, i wish for you not to cry, not be sad, and the most important part i wish for you to love and to be loved, 'cause because love is the thing that keep us alive. Lot of love from fashionalist. I love you all xx

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