Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Men MUST HAVE for this Autumn season?

So, my darlings this time i am doing a bit of Men's Fashion. I think they need it more than girls because men are usually so indecisive about their clothes when autumn comes. But they should know that Autumn outfits are the best. Coats, shirts, hats, foulards, the shoes for autumn are the best.. Not only that but i also love the fabrics that are used for the season..Hmm for me when i feel soft cashmere foulard on my skin i get the positive vibe through my entire body.

However, here i have a few pieces that you MUST have for this Autumn. First thing you absolutely need is a great coat. You should be very picky and very decisive when buying coat because there are million types of coats. Different lengths, tailors, buttonings, collars, colors, everything.

Also when you wanna be elegant, necessary thing is an adequate pocket square, i recommend the ones with patterns or stripes or dots, but actually if you can pull it off you can use the one you want..

Then, the shirts..Shirt is like a dress. Dress is a basic piece of clothes in women's clothes, like shirt is a basic thing in every guy's closet. When buying shirts use sharp, well tailored shirts but also trendy because it says a lot about you..

And then the last but not the least are sunglasses. A perfect accessory, that finishing touch to a perfect outfit is a good pair of sunglasses. It makes you look dandy and modern in the same time..

SO times are rare when i decide to write about Men's fashion but this time i had an urge to do so, because women really know how to cope with more complex outfits than men.

I love you all,

P.S. In a few days i am doing a piece on female trendy accessories, so be prepared..xx

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