Monday, December 26, 2011

Cursed sweater!! Why does it happen to me?

Well, i have a story to tell. I  have been wandering around  searching for turtleneck sweater. So, yesterday i have checked every single store in town, and i haven't found it, until at one moment i've remembered that i can go to Zara, because they always have a stuff like this. And i have,, i went there desperately praying for them to have the fucking piece of clothes that i want. So i have entered the store, and i have started searching and searching through those piles of clothes. And voila i found it. And everything was great, i was incredibly happy about it and so on. I have tried it on, it suits me perfectly. And then..
I went to cashier to pay the sweater, and i have reached for my wallet, and do u know what i have found...NOTHING! I have searched down every single inch of my baag, pockets and so on, but nothing. I have realized that i have lost it. ANd then i remembered that not only money was in ther, ID card was there either. So, as any normal person i have started to panic, maybe a bit to much, but anyway, in the end of a day i have stayed without my wallet, without my sweater, without my ID card. And if you r wondering how the sweater looks like, here you go! It is not worth all of this, but anyway it would go great with my Louis Vuitton suede ankle boots.

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