Friday, December 23, 2011

Is she amazing or what? xx

Bonsoir a tous! This is a really popular singer from Belgrade, Serbia. I have posted her pictures, 'cause i love her style. I think it's really amazing. There are a few reasons because i love her style. One of them is: I love how she combines cheap things with expensive once, than i love how she look in the same time elegant, hot, fashionable, and graceful. In the first picture you have her walking around in her Fendi heels, i love that outfit, because she has combined this deep black satin shorts with this beige t-shirt which has this black rose detail on it. Also i think that she has made right choice with this bag, because it fills in this toilet, and any other kind would be totally wrong. So let's go to the other outfit, khmm what should i say. I think it is adorable, she looks so dashing, in the same time she has expressed her attributes and she looks very fashionable and elegant. I love the way she has put this pieces. This is a Marc Jacobs fur coat, and Christian Louboutin pigalle shoes.

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