Sunday, December 4, 2011


Guten abend! Here we have Deutsch december issue of Vogue. I have posted this cover because it is one of my favorite december Vogue covers. I love it because it's not flamboyantly. As u may see there are a few titles, background in one, but effective color and one dress with details. But when u look deeper u may also see that it isn't so simple. 'Cause this dress says it all, she is a presenter of this cover. The way i look at a cover, is that a piece of clothes that u put on a cover, should be a presenter of it, it should speaks for cover. And many times they put so many titles, so colorful background that u can barely see who is the person on cover, and the clothes that they wear look like they aren't even there. So, let's talk about this dress. I love it, i usually don't love this material, but in this cut, shape and color it looks adorable. And these flowers and this necklace are fascinating accessories that have perfectly filled this outfit, and therefore this cover. Bravo, German Vogue, u've knocked me down this time. xx

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