Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not because it's my creation, but i love it! xx

I have been thinking these days, and i have realized, since i wanna be stylist and blogger, i should post styles, toilets and outfits. So i have started putting designed pieces together in the way i think they look the best. Yesterday i have posted one, and today i post another, and honestly i love this one more, because i love to mix colors. Mixing with colors can be very tricky, the reason is that if you do the job perfectly you will look like a million dollar baby, but if you make the slightest mistake, you'll wish not to come out of bed in the morning. So i have posted one of my looks. This outfit you can wear when you go to dinner with your friends, or during the day, it all depends on you. And now, we have here, Valentino goat hair coat, Chloe leather bag, Ysl ring, Rag&Bone Bureau leather, Rick Owens Cotton top, Brian Atwood Cohen, and Gucci wide-brim rabbit fedora hat. I love all the pieces separately, but i love them even more when they look and when they are combined perfectly like this. xx

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