Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make-up tutorial

I love make-up, and i personally think that girls should make themselves even more beautiful with it. But, there is a problem, because there isn't everyone who knows how to do it, like it should be really done. Along with that i wanted to show you how make-up should really look like. Here we have two different styles of make-up. First one is a bit more complicated than the other one so let's start with the first one.
1. Eyebrows - MAC liner
Eyes - in the corners black Inglot eyeshadow, around navy-blue Sephora eyeshadow
Face - MAC blush, la Prairie liquid powder and Max Factor stone powder
Lips - Chanel baby rose lipliner, Lancome lipgloss

2. Eyes - Bobbi Braun black eyeshadow, Bobbi Braun black crayon
Face - MAC blush, Max Factor stone powder, Chanel liquid powder
Lips - YSL nude lipstick

Attention ( be careful when tou work with powder, put it slowly, pay attention to differences and inequalities, and the most important choose the RIGHT SKINTONE)

I hope that this will serve you well.

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