Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty tips

I know that winter days are almost over, but they are still here. So, i'd like to present 5 items i use for these cold and rainy days. These products go from my body, through face, and they end up at my hair department. First item(top left) is Nivea control shine creme gel, it really helps when your face looks shiny and oily, i strongly recommended it, because it's not hard to stand, it's light and not that sticky. After that comes Kiko hydra body moisturizing cream. When you bathe or shave, or wax  you take of layers of your skin, and your skin gets dry a lot. So after you're done taking a bath you should put on some moisturizing cream, and i have a perfect one. Third item is ALFAPARF illuminating shine finish. You get a lot outside, and your hair gets dried on this cold, and when you bathe it's not that different. When bathing and cold join their forces all you get is dried, boring, cracked hair. If you want to change that you should really get this product, you can put it on before drying your hair or after it. 4th item is this amazing Chanel hydra beauty gel creme. God thank you for it. It's perfect for moisturizing and getting a "fresh" look. And the last piece is Oriflame eye contour geel with vitamin E. Most of the people gets up early, and the outcome of that are sleeping bags, and blue shadows 'round your eyes, so people would think you're a junky or something similar. This will help you a lot, i had those problems, but since i'm using this little cream, i got rid of it.

I truly hope this will help you solve your 'beauty department' problems.

I love you so much,

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