Monday, April 15, 2013

Erickson Beamon necklace

In love with this amazing piece of jewelry. Palladium-plated necklace bonds the elements of rainbow-hued Swarovski crystals and neon Perspex. I love it, and what to wear it with?
When you see this necklace, you cannot say it's simple and boring, it's colorful and fun. And it would be so bad to decrease its value, when it can be a perfect escort to a colorful outfit, with vivid colors.
So, my advice to everyone.
When you have a piece of jewelry that looks fun, and it's full of different colors, don't go with the standard opinion: "This will serve me to break my matchy-matchy outfit". You should play with it, use your imagination, maybe it won't look so good, but still you will give your personal touch.
Don't blend in with others, be yourself, and trust your style.
Love! xx

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