Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty products for both women and men

For women:
I went clubbing today, i came home, it was round 5 A.M. I have seen a lot of bad and good fashion choices, but the worst thing i saw was make-up on girls.
Their skin is really bad, and the reason why is that their face is too shiny. Above that glow the put on tone of liquid and stone powder and they made it look really bad.
Furthermore, when your face is shiny it's either because you're eating bad food and not take proper care of it or because you use wrong products for your skin. When you use products with mate skin signs and similar you risk of making it worse. You shouldn't use too drying products because your system will react on the lack of  'juice' and vitamins in your skin, and it will start producing more and more vitamins and everything else that makes your skin glow. So, you should use products that will make your skin look mate, but not dry it too much. Lancome Absolue is the perfect choice! Trust me! (picture below)
This is the first product.

For men:
The second product is this Balea matte defining paste for men's hair. It will make your hair look shiny, nurtured. It will give that Hollywood look, and it won't make it look like you have put water on it. Trust me, you don't want your hair too be too shiny, 'cause nowadays it looks a bit rustic.

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