Monday, September 1, 2014

Sergio Rossi - Eternal Italian perfect shoemaker

Hello my dear followers.
I am finally back from holidays. I had an amazing time. I have really charged my batteries and now i am ready for new victories and brand new outfits.

I came back to my own hab, so i asked my friend to be a model for me so i put on an outfit for her as an advisory to you.

She is wearing: Zara Denim shirt, H&M white lace skirt, Sergio Rossi shoes, and Louis Vuitton 'Eva' clutch.

I wanted to put an emphasis on the shoes 'cause they are really fabulous.

First they look classy and elegant because of the design and shape and on the other hand these are chic and fun because of the color.

You should wear them with denim, playful skirts, knee long puff dresses such as Oscar de la Renta's.
 Safe and perfect choice would be white color! 
You cannot be wrong with white color and these stilletos.

Anyway, there are million outfits you can pull of with these beauties just be imaginative and playfull.


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