Sunday, April 19, 2015


So, Spring is here and you have to be sure that you have a fabulous pair of espadrilles on your foot, 'cause they are HUGE trend at the moment. As you may see i've chosen 4 pairs, in different colors, fabrics, patterns, designs, styles, and i did it so that you can keep your options wide open.
First we have beautiful bordeaux-brown suede Chloé, than ankle-strapped open-toed Tory Burch, right after is canvas Pierre Hardy, and for the end we have beige-black striped suede from Zara. All of them are so beautiful, and you can play with them and be creative, sky is the limit.
And one note to, straps around ankles are so IN right now, but if you feel like it's gonna shorten your leg feel free and go without them.

P.S. I've shown you low-cost and high-cost sample, but if you wear it with style difference will not be seen.

Love you all.


 Tory Burch

 Pierre Hardy


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