Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gorgeous Zara foulard

So, i have been in town yesterday, just an ordinary Friday night, and of course i went to stores just to see what's going on. And at one moment i remembered that i haven't been in Zara for a long time. I went in, and immediately i noticed this gorgeous foulard. I have to say that it really looks amazing, i love the material, i adore these multicolor skulls, and i love the colors. And i adore all the details. Also, i made this pic with LV neverfull bag, just to show how combining a foulard that costs 20 euros, and a bag that costs 500 euros can be real fun. xx
What do you think about it?
Love you all,

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous is right! This is a classic piece! Very delicate as well. Would make for a beautiful swag worn with a simple v-neck, cardi, and pencil/skinnies. Oh and a sweet pair of boots. As for the bag, I'm blessed to have a few ;) Instagram a shot of you rocking it!!!

    I LOVE Zara!!!