Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Textures, colors, patterns...mix of it all!

Hello everyone and good day to you! I know i haven't creatd a new look for ages, so today i have prepared i real bomb for you. Prepare yourself.  I personally think that fashion is about mixing colors, different patterns, materials, textures, so today i have mixed so many different things! I have used orange, yellow, red, navy blue, gold, jersey, satin, silk, leather, and so on! Let's start with what is this outfit made of.
1. Antoni Berardi embellished silk-organza jacket
2. Dona Karran orange stretch drape skirt, made of jersey
3. Etro floral print satin silk top
4. Oscar de la Renta 22 karat gold-plated necklace
5. Oscar de la Renta  Dakota brushed-leather wedge sandals
6. Marie-Hélène de Taillac 22 karat gold ring
I love this outfit 'cause it represents elegance, and it's so complex and one word stunning!
Love you all,

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