Monday, May 19, 2014

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2015 + a personal message from me to you

Ahhh that Mr. De la Renta, always leaves me speechless.
What else is there to be said about his creations. What he does, what he creates is a pure form of art, imperfect perfection, beauty..
If a person can reach the highest point of something what a person loves i think he got it.
For him there is no more, that is it.
He will go to the legends, as Coco Chanel did by changing fashion industry completely, as Anna Wintour will by being an iconic editor-in-chief and by making new trends and fixing the old ones, now Monsieur Oscar de la Renta will also go to the legends by creating this legacy of art for us and other future generations.
I can only be thankful for being alive in this time and for being able to see and whitness this beauty.
As Anna Wintour said in 'The September Issue': ' People are usually frightened by fashion because they don't know it so they throw it away', i agree with her and i add that people don't know how fashion is significant.
It's one of the purest form of art which you can touch, feel, wear..

And i have to say something else irrelevant for this topic. I can see that many of you have judged Mrs. Wintour for putting Kim&Kanye on the cover of Vogue.
I haven't said anything, but i think it's the time.
First of all, Anna Wintour is a queen of fashion, you don't judge her moves because she is the one who holds the world of fashion together.
Are you aware of the number of photographers, models, designers, editors she found and educated?!? Are you aware of number of covers, shooting and editorials she did in her 3 decades long career in Vogue? No you are not! 
You only sit and judge, and you ain't angry because she did something wrong, you have a personal issue with Kim Kardashian.
All you say is 'How is it possible that a girl like her who did what she did is on a cover of the most prestigious magazine in the world?' Wanna know why?
Because she is not a girl who had a sex tape anymore!! She is one of the most talked about people on the planet. Millions of people watch her show, follow her pn social networks, and now she is marrying a huge millionaire art performer/raper. 
She makes an effort, call me when ypu look impacable all the time like she does.

Get over yourselves, and start loving and appreciating  someone's work!!

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