Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vienna in over 100 pictures

So, my one week trip to Vienna is over. I honestly had a blast. I visited my friend, we went to museums, opera, shopping, of course photo-shootings and in the end clubbing. As for the cultural enrichment i went to Royal Opera House, Historical museum, Nature Museum, Albertina Museum.  I also visited National Library and the Belvedere castle. BTW when i was in the visit to the opera and Belvedere Tom Cruise was filming his newest movie The Mission Impossible V. Anyway i have also seen many monuments such as the extraordinary one made for Mozart. One of the most interesting things was the butterfly museum with over 300 butterflies from Asia and South Africa. Also I love how Vienna makes and effort to educate young people 'cause the entrance prices are very low average price is around 6 euros, and in a couple of museums if you are under 19 or if you are a school group you get into free. I mean i don't fit into any of already mentioned but it's just an observation. After long visits to museums and educational institutions i was usually very tired and i mostly took a time to recharge at Sacher hotel, i ate there their Original Sacher cake with whip cream and it's so delicious it is sinful. If i hadn't much time to sit and chat i grabbed something from Starbucks 'cause their drinks are so refreshing and they real get me pumping. Also in the evenings i have visited their top clubs and bars, and i write you this so that when and if you visit Vienna you only go to the best places. So when it comes to clubbings you should go to Fabios(lounge bar), Dots(restaurant), Volksgarten(club), Techno Voga(club - best on Tuesdays), Ritz-Carlton's Roof Top Bar, Ponto di Salva(restaurant), Steff'S Sky bar(during the day chill place)..
As for the shopping, you can get anything you want and the prices were really decreased. of course except Chanel, Dior and exc. But Gucci, Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, and so on have really good sales.

Also you can visit Schonbrunn castle, it is very beautiful and it speaks history.
There are many water fun things to do, such as boat sailing, swimming, rafting and so on. Donau river floats all way through Vienna so in the evening there is a very nice breeze coming because of it.

So, i hope this post is helpful to you. Go to Vienna, have fun, do crazy things and empower your educations.
And of course, look and dress fabulously.

Nemania Lalatovich

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