Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, it'summer and everyone's problem is what to wear to the bitch. So i have selected a few pieces which u can use as a direction to beach fabulousity.
I love all the six swimsuits, but they look totally different one from another.
First one i adore because of this amazing color, beautiful shade of green. It's Norma Kamali. You can add some effective jewelry, like bangals.
Second one i adore because of this cut in the middle and because of this breathtaking pattern. It's Mara Hoffman. If you ask me i would use a headscarf as an accessorie.
Third is Norma Kamali too. I love it because of the material, and it looks really good. I love it because these briefs are high-waisted and your butt looks great in it. It' made of jersey. I'd add some golden details to it.
And the next one is one of my favorite. Simply by the color, and breathtaking by the shape and the design. I love all the cuts on sides of your belly. From accessories i'd use a long crazy-color see through maxi skirt.
Finally, Dolce&Gabbana strapless, printed swimsuit. I love it because of this amazing pattern. And I love it because a woman can feel comfortable and stylish in it. And it also lifts your breasts. Headscarf and some crazy earrings would be a perfect accessories to it.And a pair of Peter Som Resort 2013 sunglasses woud go crazy with it.
And the last one is Tori Praver. I adore these tassels, i love the colors.

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