Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revenge wears Prada

So, for all of you fashion lovers. There is going to be a second part of a well known movie - "The devil wears Prada". And the title of a second part is "Revenge wears Prada". As much as i know the story goes like this, according to Lauren Weisberger's book. Andrea becomes and editor-in-chief of an important NY magazine, and because of the business, she has to meet again with her ex boss,"the dragon lady" - Miranda Prisley. How is the story gonna develop, we don't know, but i sure now that i can't wait to see it. The sad part is that we're gonna be able to see it in 2013. xx

P.S. This is like a moth old news, but i had an urge to make a post about it. x

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